Book-In-Focus: Sex and the Breast Love, Health, and Evolution by Valerie Robinson

Book-In-Focus: Sex and the Breast Love, Health, and Evolution by Valerie Robinson_The BookWalker

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The female breast is very prominent in our culture. It is an impactful topic. There is debate as to whether it is okay to take them out for breastfeeding in public. A lot of women are clamoring to "free the nipple." And, discussions online and offline are developing about how the breasts are often viewed solely as sexual objects. The female breasts have always been and still is very controversial. However, through all the discussion surrounding breasts, not enough is about how it can benefit its bearers.

Sex and the Breast Love, Health, and Evolution by Valerie Robinson is a book that discusses the erotic powers of the breasts and how it can benefit women's physical, mental, and emotional health. The book brings the focus back to the woman's body. It explores what the female breasts can do for a woman rather than what it can do for others.

Many species in the animal kingdom have breasts. However, in humans, the breasts have a unique function. Breast sex is unique to humans. Breast sex enables bonding between the woman and her partner. This has bonding has enabled the human race to continually form families. Breast sex also has countless health benefits. There is evidence that suggests that the stimulation of the breasts during sexual intercourse can help prevent some cancers, protect women against sexual dysfunction, and improve mental health.

This book is born out of the author’s advocacy for women’s health. It is written out of her desire for more conversations on the topics involving women’s health and sexuality. The author states, “Personal experience and empathy for women led me to begin this book about sex and the breast, and the realization that not much has been reported about this taboo subject kept me writing. Sex and the breast has different aspects – personal, medical, cultural, and evolutionary, all of which can be explored. I wanted to make this knowledge about the breast and female experience more available to women or to anyone who cares to know more about the human condition.”

Valerie Robinson's book is aimed at the layperson, helping females and males alike understand the importance of the breasts and its roles in the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health. In the pages of this book, health professionals can also find many interesting and helpful insights that can aid in dealing with their clients.

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Valerie Robinson was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1937, grew up in Quincy MA and in RI, and has resided in Cleveland, Ohio, for quite some time now. Her family roots are in Nova Scotia and in Newfoundland and Labrador. She earned an MS in Biology from Cleveland State University and pursued graduate work in Anthropology at Kent State University. In 2015 she published a paper in the journal, Medical Hypotheses, entitled "Support for the Hypothesis that Sexual Breast Stimulation is An Ancestral Practice and a Key to Understanding Women's Health." Earlier she worked on a now-defunct newspaper entitled What She Wants, covering many issues of interest to women. Valerie and her husband are the parents of three grown children, as well as the grandparents of nine, and they also love their nine cats. Not only is she a feminist, but Valerie is an avid participant in the movement for racial, social, and economic justice.

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