Special Feature: The Horrors of Holistic Medicine by June B. Schmidt

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Reading this book might save your life.

For 16 years, June B. Schmidt ( a pen name for the author's own protection ), has submitted herself to the care of the doctors at the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA). While in their care, she was treated for several ailments including iron deficiency anemia. For years, she was prescribed iron tablets and iron shots, none of which seem to improve her condition.

June was seeking what most people with ailments are seeking—healing. And, she was promised just that. Her doctors not only promised her physical healing but also that of mind and spirit. Who, among those who are suffering in one way or another, wouldn't want that?

Unfortunately, the promise of healing did not come into fruition. Instead, the whole ordeal was destroying June's physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Because her treatment under her doctors at AHMA did not bring any improvements to her health, June decided to see a hematologist. It was at this visit when it was discovered that she was not suffering from iron deficiency anemia. She was getting the wrong treatment for the wrong disease.

After 16 years of fruitless efforts, it was discovered that she had hemolytic anemia—the anemia of cancer and infections. She was then referred to a gynecologist who recommended a hysterectomy. This diagnosis and surgery saved her life.

The Horrors of Holistic Medicine shows the very human pursuit of healing. It also shows the tragedy of running into those who prey on the vulnerable and end up creating a bigger problem than what they were trying to solve. It also chronicles June's journey through her holistic treatment, her discovery of what they were really doing to her body, and her journey towards her healing — body, mind, and spirit.

This book might save your life because it exposes the dangers of holistic and alternative healthcare. It aims to open the reader's eyes and encourage them to be more cautious in seeking treatments. “I survived holistic medicine, but I think God put me in the wrong place for the right reason,” Schmidt says, “Someone has to tell. I will tell.”

The book has resonated with many readers since its publishing. The author's works have been published in more than 100 different magazines and newspapers in the United States and Canada. She was also published in The Journal of Christian Nursing as well as textbooks for high school and college health courses. Her work has been utilized by the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) to respond to inquiries about holistic medicine. The Horrors of Holistic Medicine has helped both patients and medical professionals re-evaluate the many harmful practices that are marketed people who are only seeking to be healed.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Many grow up believing doctors, teachers, preachers, etc., are Gods. Only learning, often the hard way, that this is not true. Her book is good 'food for thought' but a bit repetitious. Just a good eye opener for any profession."

Nana Rose

“This is a well-written non-fiction book that reads like a novel. I found it very suspenseful and hard to put down. Ms. Schmidt recounts her long struggle for good health, and it was sad to see the life losses she suffered from years of shocking mistreatment at a holistic medical clinic. The consequences were long-lasting, and eventually she practically diagnosed herself with the help of traditionally trained doctors. Lessons for readers are to find a truly reputable doctor and to understand your own medical condition. Fortunately, this is easier now since the advent of the internet. Knowing that this was a true story, I was touched by the personal details of the author's life that she revealed. I also appreciated the parallels she drew between her medical and spiritual struggles and the resolution she found.”

―Marilyn Mohling

"This book tells the truth. It tells of how this woman almost died. She thought she had good references and info but such was not the case. Only through her own searching and determination was she able to get the medical help she REALLY needed. Good reading." ―Allan Holder

"This was a very interesting book. It just goes to show that you have to be aware and research what your doctors are telling you, because sometimes they are off the mark. This persons life would have been much different if she hadn't trusted everything her doctors were telling her. Thanks for the information.”

KatyBird, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ A fascinating read; inside peak of the perils of holistic medicine. It sounded so right. But when results were not forthcoming, June began her own research. Doctors are highly paid; we should be able to trust them. Sadly, a person's income does not indicate the level of trust. I know June but now much better as I get details of how these wasted years took a toll on her health, affecting those around her. A must read for anyone looking at alternative medicine. Beware!"

―Ginger Haan, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Once the author realized how unprofessionally her doctors had treated her, she wanted to expose their unholy practices to prevent other unwary patients from being similarly duped. She wrote an article published in the Journal of Christian Nursing, exposing their deceptive practices. Later, the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) used her article to respond to inquiries about holistic medicine. The article also became a chapter in a textbook for high school and college health classes.

Questioning why she was so easily duped by these charlatans, research leads her to believe this is a highly organized medical “cult” that preys upon its patients’ medical ignorance, thus allowing the use of unconventional medical practices to make their patients sick.

A friend, who after seeing a resurgence in New Age “alternative care” health practices, urged her to finish writing this book to expose the fraud practiced by holistic medicine.

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