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“Simmers with menace and heartache, suspense and wonder.” —Ann Leckie

This is the story

After the climate wars, a floating city is constructed in the Arctic Circle, a remarkable feat of mechanical and social engineering, complete with geothermal heating and sustainable energy. The city’s denizens have become accustomed to a roughshod new way of living, however, the city is starting to fray along the edges—crime and corruption have set in, the contradictions of incredible wealth alongside direst poverty are spawning unrest, and a new disease called “the breaks” is ravaging the population.

When a strange new visitor arrives—a woman riding an orca, with a polar bear at her side—the city is entranced. The “orcamancer,” as she’s known, very subtly brings together four people—each living on the periphery—to stage unprecedented acts of resistance. By banding together to save their city before it crumbles under the weight of its own decay, they will learn shocking truths about themselves.

Blackfish City is a remarkably urgent—and ultimately very hopeful—novel about political corruption, organized crime, technology run amok, the consequences of climate change, gender identity, and the unifying power of human connection.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“Immersive sci-fi with a poetic edge. . . . The book thrills with its meticulous world-building while also providing great characters, inclusive representation, and hard-hitting themes."

Entertainment Weekly

“ An urgent tale imploring us to look at the ties between technology, race, gender and class privilege. . . . Surprisingly heartwarming. . . . An action-packed science fiction thriller.”

―Washington Post

" A timeless story of rebellion against a corrupt master, giving it a kind of Hunger Games resonance that reaches beyond any genre boundaries. Miller is a graceful writer." ―Booklist

" I found the book very creative and the 'place' was well described. I had a hard time connecting to the characters and I felt like some of the character elements were only plot devices with no other reason for existing. I was really excited about the idea of the book, it didn't live up to my hopes. This author has promise though and I hope he continues to hone his writing skill.”

Eric Witherspoon

“ I loved this book! Starts off with a number of different stories of different characters. Then the stories converge into a whole story. Some of the characters come together. Some die and come together anyway. And it all culminates in a glorious, chaotic, unexpected end. I found myself seeing the end approach without a clue as to how it was going to end. Then the felt so much like this was the only way it could have ended! "

―Art Spain, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Loved it. The writing was fresh and compelling, disturbing at times, filled with anger and sympathy. And the plot was intriguing, with good twists and action. I was hooked immediately. Well done."

―Ronnie Tyler, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Sam J. Miller is a science fiction, fantasy and horror short fiction author. His stories have appeared in publications such as Clarkesworld, Asimov's Science Fiction, and Lightspeed, along with over fifteen "year's best" story collections. A finalist for multiple Nebula Awards along with the World Fantasy and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards, he won the 2013 Shirley Jackson Award for his short story "57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suicides."

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