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Our connection with our pets is hard, to sum up with words, as the relationship holds so much meaning, to the point where calling our furry friends “pets” doesn’t do them justice. Such was the case with Orbit, truly man’s best friend, a being who had a unique bond with Peter Longley and his family, one that helped them through trying times. Now Longley remembers his canine companion with “Orbit: Life with My People.”

Orbit was the Great Pyrenees with an even greater heart. This is his autobiography, written by Longley but from Orbit’s perspective. He was no mere pet, he was also the light that brightened up the lives of so many people during his fifteen years on Earth. Longley recounts how he provided comfort for him and his wife, Bettine Clemen, as they separated. He also describes how Orbit accompanied Bettine on her concert tours around the world, where he delighted audiences by singing to her flutes. He was a sensation locally, in Missouri, as he appeared as a guest artist in her live performances. He was also close to their friends in Germany when they lived there for years. Back in Missouri, he became a school therapy dog and was loved by children and helped many with their difficulties. Aside from humans, he had many friends of the equine, canine and feline varieties, and Longley imaginatively portrays these relationships in his stories.

Marriage counselor, musician, therapist, and best friend. Orbit was simply amazing, and he will be missed. But his life, the fifteen years he spent on Earth, was also an incredible gift. He lived it fully and brought so much joy to those around him.

With his story, Orbit imparts interesting takes on canine wisdom. Of course, this is Longley's creative license, but he infuses it with his own theological background, giving it spiritual meaningfulness through the lens of Orbit recounting his life story and sharing the unconditional love he had for all life. For dogs, and Orbit especially does have that incredible capacity to love and be loyal, to be happy just by being near those they hold dear. Their simple existences do have lessons people can learn from, and these gentle creatures should be appreciated for just how special they are. They are living blessings that should not be taken for granted. That is how Orbit changed Longley’s life, and now he shares Orbit’s gift to readers everywhere.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" THE AMAZING DOG WHO SANG WITH FLUTES. ORBIT, LIFE WITH MY PEOPLE is a delightful account of one dog's life. British author Peter Longley presents a "dictated" account of life from Orbit's point of view about his life with world-renowned flautist Bettine Clemen, his lifelong friend.For many years, Orbit lived with Peter and Bettine at their property Alpha Meadows in the Missouri Ozarks. What energy and love this dog had!Orbit, a Great Pyrenees, was born in a log cabin and adopted by an entire community that lived in the Ozark mountains. Although he experienced happiness in this idyllic setting, Orbit also knew fear and pain.Orbit became best known by others outside his close-knit community for singing to Bettine's flutes. Recorded on film, Orbit's performances delighted audiences on Bettine's world concert tours. Not only did he bring light and unconditional love to his family and neighbors, his presence and compassion delivered life-affirming messages to everyone who met him personally and virtually."

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“ ORBIT Life with My PeopleThis is a wonderful book. Orbit was a great white Pyrenees who lived in the Ozark Mountains. He was much beloved by his community, his friends and human families, a loving, caring, and gentle soul. Orbit’s thoughts and sentiments were penned down by his human parents, Peter and Bettine. He adopted, cared for and loved them both so much. Orbit's story recounts a segment in their lives and how they shared much joy and happiness, but also anxiety and pain, losses, departures, reunions and sadness. Orbit was a keen observer of all life around him, of nature, his kingdom and its surroundings, his fellow creatures and especially his humans. His being conveys a true sense of appreciation, of wonder and trust, and of confidence, a wisdom transcending human doubts and limitations. He was "just a dog," but his insights can open minds to explore new avenues of thinking and being. Although I’ve never met Orbit in person, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to know about him and his story. Orbit forever! I highly recommend this book for readers of all ages. Orbit. Life with My People"

―Sabine Jell-Bahlsen, Ph.D. Author, The Water Goddess in Igbo Cosmology

"This book was awesome, the author did a splendid job writing it from his friends perspective. I do not think it could of been any better written. LOVED IT!!!" ―Virginia H

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Peter Longley is a British author who has lived in the United States most of his life. Born in Scotland, he was brought up and educated in England, where he gained his masters degree in theology at Cambridge University.

He worked for an American family as Estate Manager of Tullamaine Castle in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, from 1966-77, and then moved to Sea Island and St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA. From 1978 to 1997, he was a cruise director with Royal Viking Line and Cunard Line, and traveled all over the world. Today, he works in horticulture as the Horticultural Interpreter at the Springfield Botanical Gardens in Springfield, Missouri.

Peter has several published books including Two Thousand Years Later (Hovenden Press 1996) and his award-winning Love is Where Your Rosemary Grows. His definitive work is his trilogy on a plausible life and times of Mary Magdalene. The first book was published as Legacy of a Star (Durban House 2003), but subsequently he brought the whole trilogy out in the three volumes:

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