Book Talk: Playing with Passion: A Novel by Katrina Reinhardt

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Beautiful music, scenic Boston, and unexpected love - these are what await readers in the pages of "Playing with Passion.” In this story of romance, classical music plays a crucial role, as talented and driven personalities' lives intertwine in events that span between breathtaking Paris and modern, vibrant Boston. This is Katrina Reinhardt's sizzling opus, weaved from her real-life tantalizations, making it truly a work from the heart that promises to engross readers.

Yvette Berg is a gorgeous woman in her early twenties with degrees in viola performance and music history from the Conservatoire in Paris. Undoubtedly talented, she is also haunted by a painful past and leaves the city for Boston. Across the Atlantic, she begins a new life, using her talents to stimulate visual artists with great music. She tries to move on from her past, a relationship with a married man that not only ended in heartache but also resulted in a child she reluctantly gave up for adoption.

Immersing herself in her new life, her tastes reach a superior level. Her ability to captivate men only match her discernment for the most exquisite art, food, wine, and music. Kolya, a Russian cellist, is among them. An older mentor, he praises her intellect and finesse, giving her needed guidance and encouragement. Still, she hides her secrets as best she can. But despite her efforts, her past catches up to her in unexpected ways. When her old life meets with the new one, what will Yvette have left?

Readers will see how this plays out, as romance and passion intertwined with drama and stunning revelations, all while they are immersed in music and the arts. They will see how these require fire and zest, for the path of love and art are both fraught with perils of the heart, but so long as it beats these pursuits go on - leading one to untold heights and perilous lows as well. Such is life, even fictitious ones, for their stories can become all so real and moving.

"If the readers are familiar with the music, 'How wonderful!' I thought. If they aren't familiar with any of the music, maybe I could open a new world for them: a world of rich, glorious and deeply provocative music." Reinhardt says. "So I wrote and wrote (and revised so many times!) about my passions; motivated by the desire to emphasize how important it was for music to be played passionately."

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Katrina Reinhardt grew up in Boston, loving music from an early age. By eight years old, she was practicing the piano and cello every day. After deciding to follow her passion, she played in many orchestras while earning a bachelor’s degree in cello performance from Boston University. Reinhardt now lives with her husband in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Playing with Passion is her first novel.

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