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In "The Battle for Cloray" the Surin Knights acquited themselves in battle, saving the realm from marauders, witches, and King Trevor's madness... but the saga continues. Now, in David S. Muncy's follow up to the epic fantasy series, the brave warriors must face a far greater threat. They must face the "Invasion."

The kingdom seemed secure, but a danger to the realm emerges, and King Locke sallies to the coast to survey its nature and gravity. It turns out to be worse than expected, as the ghost of the king's past catches up with him. Once more the Surin Knights must defend all they hold dear.

With "Invasion," Muncy uses the power of imagination and the craft of storytelling to take his readers to a realm of adventure, magic, swashbuckling and heroism. Readers will see their gallant heroes summon the wits and courage needed to best their foes and the unexpected challenges and pitfalls along their way. Glorious combat awaits, but beyond the hack and slash daring-do, Muncy also treats fantasy aficionados to a work of worldbuilding in his setting, this medieval world with its unique twists. Mystical elements and court intrigue intertwine, as integral to the plot and the world as swords and shields are to the noble knights defending the realm.

Nonetheless, for all the otherworldly elements, Muncy still keeps his narrative grounded on the characters, their emotions, backstories, and conflicts, creating tension and drama which are crucial in articulating the worldbuilding, bringing the setting’s elements to life, galvanizing them and directing their interplay. The immersiveness should draw in fans of the “Game of Thrones” series, or adherents of its literary source, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” “Dungeons & Dragons” roleplaying aficionados will also find “Invasion” to their liking. Its elements allow it a broad reach, as fantasy has proliferated beyond the confines of niche fandoms and obscure conventions, going from the literary and tabletop gaming scenes to the film and television audiences. The spheres have aligned.

For Muncy, writing and storytelling are akin to quests in themselves, for the creation of this world, the penning of these characters and their drives is an endeavor unlike any other. These result in magic that places readers with the heroes on their adventure, as they defy death, conquer foes, reel from the onslaught of the adversary, and recuperate to once again draw their weapons. Steel with clash, blood will be spilt, kingdoms endangered and courts fractured as the “Invasion” culminates.

All this and more awaits in this successor to “The Battle for Cloray.” This is the fallout, the aftermath that will redefine the realm. Will the Surin Knights ride on triumphantly? Or will they succumb to the dark forces? Find out what’s left for the kingdom after the “Invasion.”

Reviews and What Readers Say

“ Engaging. The author has a uniquely enthralling way of telling the story. Charming! The book is a testament to David's skill as a storyteller. "

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An avid fiction and fantasy reader, David always enjoys a good story. Writing for pleasure has become a hobby and David hopes you like his tale as much as he enjoyed writing it. David lives in four seasons country in southern West Virginia.

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