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The America that we know today has come so far from the nation that our ancestors built years ago. Many of our ancestors came to this country with their Bibles, their faith, and their hope for a great nation on their backs. However, this faith and hope have struggled to survive throughout generations, and now we are living in a nation that is far from the greatness that God has intended it to be.

Author, Perry Haupt, shares his insights on why the country is in the state that it is in today, and what can be done to rehabilitate the nation in his book Trashing the Bible. Speaking on the "slippery slope" that the country is on today, the author shares that "The future of America as we knew it is at stake. America and its churches are failing because we have forgotten to live by biblical standards."

In his book, Trashing the Bible, Haupt discusses the biblical history of what God has intended for his people. He also points out the ways that humanity has strayed from God's will for them by living lives that are not in accordance with his word.

In the Bible, God has wrestled with his people time and again when they fail to listen to his word. Time and time again, the Bible provides us with historical examples of when humanity is overcome with greed, lust, and hate instead of living in the shadow of his love. The author draws parallels from these accounts and the direction that this nation is headed.

In this book, Haupt hopes to reach readers and re-introduce the age-old recipe that is found in the Bible for a purposeful and joyous life. He uses the Bible as a guide for believers to build a solid Christian life. Thrashing the Bible urges its readers to recognize the problem that the nation is facing today and at the same time, have hope that the future can still be reformed using the answers that are provided by God's word.

Thrashing the Bible

ISBN 978-1452594606

98 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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From the author

"TRASHING THE BIBLE" is a wake-up call for all of America to step back for a moment to see where we have come from. Our ancestors, for the most part, came to America with their Bibles, preachers, and the foundations from their belief in God. They built America on those foundations and placed God high above on so many government and educational buildings. It seems that we no longer hold those traditions above all else, but rather have engaged in the allurements that our world today has to offer.

It is commonplace to hear people say today, "We are on a slippery slope of no return".

From my ancestral leadership thru the church, I have studied, written, and taught on God's Holy Word, The Bible. I am convinced that I have found a much more solid Christian life than I might otherwise have found. Today I have to question what it was that brought me to this point. The Protestant Reformation helped to create a system of division by adopting many different denominations based on doctrine (teaching) while the Holy Scriptures were to bring us together as one in the faith. In my years of missionary work I have often been challenged as to why so many different denominations. The general consensus has been "Why can't we all believe alike since there is only one Bible?" I know that I had great troubles accepting God's call into mission work since I was challenged on many fronts as to why any particular denomination would accept me. I refused to believe their silly requirements and took God at His Word. Twenty-four years later I have retired with huge success by following God's TRUE Word.

My inspiration has been to lean solidly on the Bible. Romans 12:1-2 became my signature scripture. Can we remember how Jesus was challenged by the rulers of His day and what He faced? He became such a radical before their eyes that they eventually sent Him to the Cross to die. Possibly you might think of what I write to be radical in this age. I simply believed and trusted on the Bible to declare God's Word without the blessings of any particular denomination.

"TRASHING THE BIBLE" is to be a pattern for a full, wonderful life leading to LIFE ETERNAL with or without denominational influence.

Yours for a beautiful and most blessed life thru God's Holy Word,

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Perry Haupt was born in Brookville, Pennsylvania, on November 27, 1934. He graduated Brookville High School on May 1952, graduated Robert Morris University as summa cum laude on May 1955 in Higher Accounting and Business Admin.

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