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Ever wonder what dogs think about? Do they daydream about chasing squirrels or perhaps finally scaring that pesky mailman? Do they have an opinion about their humans or maybe even life in general? Perhaps the average dog does ponder about woodland creatures and strangers in their door. But not Scout. Scout is a rescued dog. He is not an ordinary dog. He is a beautiful soul with a touching story and a lesson for us all.

Scout comes from a horrible background. But he is rescued by the author, and he eventually becomes a therapy dog. And from the moment that their lives intertwined, their story of kindness, joy, and hope begin.

Scout: A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward gives us a touching account of the many characters that the author and her precious dog encounter. And from each experience, we witness Scout developing into one special soul. He becomes a beacon of hope and goodness. He becomes a shining example of living simply and with an accepting heart. Narrated with keen observation of the quintessential California neighborhood and characters, Scout: A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward showcases beautiful beaches and canyons and places that one would want to call home.

Scout: A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward is written by Gerry Ellen. She is a writer with two previous books under her belt, Ripple Effects and a Big Piece of Driftwood. This tale of Scout is her own story, too. In this book, she gives us a glimpse into the wondrous effects that Scout has brought to her life. She says that she had no idea how her rescue of Scout would unfold. She was told that the dog was rebellious and clingy, but she took a chance. Theirs turned out to be the perfect match. Scout becomes the author’s muse—by being a living example of resilience, gladness, and wonder despite his bad start at life.

Scout: A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward is a must-read and must-collect for anyone who loves animals and a feel-good story. And yes, even if you are a cat person, you will find nuggets of truth and life-changing wisdom from this book. If we could all follow Scout’s example, we should no doubt be cruising life beautifully. Let us all aspire to be like him, especially in the face of trying circumstances.

And if you are a writer like Gerry Ellen, perhaps Scout: A Rescued Dog Who Pays It Forward will inspire you to look at animal’s lives a little differently. Who knows, they might just be the muses you needed to get you writing your next bestselling story.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Not Just for Dog Lovers. Having rescued numerous dogs, I can relate to the intense bond that grows between Scout and Gerry Ellen. But this book is far more than a "conversation" between owner and pet, it is a testament to why we keep and nurture and bond with our animals. A joy for all readers looking for a sensitive look into the minds of animal and owner. Enjoy!"

Thomas Kornacker

“ Who doesn't wonder what a dogs life would be like? This books helps take you through that adventure with a Truly Special Dog! I enjoyed the daily sharing of life between dog and master and even the spiritual adventure.It helped me with my relationship with my dog. What a difference a Dog can Make!!"

―Donna M Burrows, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" I confess I am not a "dog person." I like cats. And yet after reading Scout I can honestly say that my heart has expanded to include this dog. My favorite part of the book was having a window into Scout's interior experience. Seeing the world through Scout's nose and being witness to his "mom's" struggles and ultimately her deep commitment to honoring the unique gifts of her forever companion has truly expanded my world. It is a gentle journey. Scout's story is communicated with love and care. A pure joy. " Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Gerry Ellen has captured in magical language the pure joy of having and loving a special dog. She shows how such a creature in one's life can change and transcend life and open up one's heart to the bigger universe. This is an epic book for anyone who has a pet, or just anyone who loves animals and their special place in our lives. ”

―Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ This book is written in Scout's voice. All I can say is that within it's pages there is so much tenderness between a dog and his "mom." I loved it! ”

―Sarah Barrett,Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ I think Scout wrote this book, and his mom has a bit part. I know because Scout comes down my street to socialize all the time. He's such a bright, playful little guy. Very curious and the friendliest dog you'll ever meet. ”

―Hutch S., Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" SCOUT is a beautiful, interwoven portrait of the love between a woman and her rescued, therapy dog. Animal rescue organizations and rescuers, service dog organizations and trainers, and wellness counselors will all find this book resonant and deeply appealing, and find value in it. " bluecowboyyoga, Amazon Client Verified Purchase

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As a creative writer and imaginative storyteller, Gerry Ellen views the world from an entirely different lens. Nature, adventure, curiosity, and observations all lend themselves to stories that become a reality. Over the years, her passion for expression has expanded to include more wellness topics, significant purposeful prose, and genres that give her readers a dose of surprise. Gerry Ellen has been a contributing author to numerous publications, including elephant journal, Consumer Health Digest, Meet Mindful, Light Workers World, Rebelle Society, The Tattooed Buddha, Honey Colony, The Good Men Project, Be You Media Group and a host of guest contributor appearances for website blogs.

She adopted a rescue dog in 2015, and he (Scout) has become her muse in all things language, partnership in service, and spreading the good word more profoundly on paper. The things she lives for~besides writing and roaming~are family, road trips to new and interesting places, meaningful connections, yoga, laughter with friends, and solitude in nature to listen and learn.

More of my work can be found here:

Blog : http://eightpawswellness.squarespace.com Portfolio : www.gerryellenavery.com

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