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What will you do today to express your love for yourself? Will you book that ticket? Are you going to eat better? Will you start working out? Are you going to speak words of affirmation?

Love is one of the most talked about and highly marketed topic in every generation. True, people at different stages of their lives will view love in a different light. Love can change its meaning over time. But, one thing will always remain the same - people will always search for it and try to get their fill in any way they know how.

Rachel Harper is no different to anyone who is searching for love. Returning from her island sabbatical in Bali, she is beginning to discover a shift in her outlook on love. Having set her own concepts about love and life, she discovers that all that she previously envisioned are different from what she discovered through living each twist and turn in her life, including falling in love with William.

A Big Piece of Driftwood is a book about a woman's discovery of love. Often, other people, places, and the daily events of life can take up so much space within us that it becomes easy to lose oneself. It becomes second nature to keep on giving without checking to see if there is enough left love for yourself.

Rachel's journey has brought her to places and introduced her to people that allowed her to discover a love for others and for herself. A Big Piece of Driftwood is a love story in that it follows the romance of Rachel and William. More importantly, it is a story about love because, within the timeline of her romance, Rachel also fell in love with herself discovering that loving herself first is the key to contentment, happiness, and truly being present for others in her life.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Engaging Novel. I was looking for a book to take with me on a trip. This was a perfect choice! It's an engaging transformative journey following the main character through relationships, self-discovery, romance, synchronicity, magic and self-love. An engaging novel and one I could easily read one chapter or more. I tucked this lovely gem in my purse and found it to be a companion on my nine-day trip."

Carolyn R. Avalani

A Big Piece of Driftwood both entertains and inspires. Gerry Ellen's story in A Big Piece of Driftwood both entertains and inspires! Rachel's travels are a beautiful mirror of her internal, personal journey, and the honest, poetic look at both inspires readers to do some journeying of their own. A must read for anyone who loves travel, romance, and deep soul searching."

―Kate Bartolotta, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

A Big Piece of Driftwood

ISBN 978-1452594606

214 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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As a creative writer and imaginative storyteller, Gerry Ellen views the world from an entirely different lens. Nature, adventure, curiosity, and observations all lend themselves to stories that become a reality. Over the years, her passion for expression has expanded to include more wellness topics, significant purposeful prose, and genres that give her readers a dose of surprise. Gerry Ellen has been a contributing author to numerous publications, including elephant journal, Consumer Health Digest, Meet Mindful, Light Workers World, Rebelle Society, The Tattooed Buddha, Honey Colony, The Good Men Project, Be You Media Group and a host of guest contributor appearances for website blogs.

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