Special Feature: God Made a Tongue for You by Ruth Martin

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The human body is a miraculous creation of God. It is a beautiful machine that has been perfected by an almighty being. And it’s never too early for young kids to learn about the wonders of the human body.

Many books teach kids about their bodies. There are textbooks used in schools, of course. Then there are some that may not be used in schools but also provide fantastic information so that kids may know more about their physical makeup. Not all of these books, however, take a closer look at a particular body part. Additionally, not all take to include God’s role in everything, including our how our bodies are made. In God Made a Tongue for You, we get a delightful book that not only explains a particular body part but also discusses how that certain body part relates to the Bible and to God.

God Made a Tongue for You is a gem of a book that will make many boys and girls curious about this part of the digestive system. They will learn how this organ works, its parts, and how it contributes to the overall beautiful machine that is the human body. It is an organ used for speaking, chewing, and swallowing food. It is an integral part of how we experience the world around us, by taste or by communication.

But more than the scientific knowledge, this book also teaches us about the tongue as an instrument to praise God. Additionally, it can also be a tool through which one can kill or destroy, as explained in James 3:9-10, “9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it, we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.”

This beautiful and delightful book’s author is Ruth Martin. She is a registered nurse and lives in South Carolina. She wrote God Made a Tongue for You because she wanted children to learn more about this organ and to appreciate what God made for them. No doubt that she accomplished these goals with God Made a Tongue for You. Not only does it teach children about this wonderful organ, it also guides them on how to fully appreciate this body part that God made. And most importantly, this book teaches children to be kind with their words, to not use the tongue to hurt others.

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Ruth Martin is a Registered Nurse and wants to have all the children learn about their tongues and appreciate what God made for them. She is married for 31 years and is a mother to two married children.