Book Discovery: Acquiesce to Love Peace Gratitude by Fabiola Piedad Maria Alicia Reynales de Berry

Book Talk: Acquiesce to Love Peace Gratitude by  Fabiola Piedad Maria Alicia Reynales de Berry_The BookWalker

What remains when all is lost? What do you do when life places you in a deep emotional hole?

Acquiesce to Love Peace Gratitude is a book about a woman who believed that she has it all but in a short period of time, loses everything. The story begins with Susana, a woman who is dealing with a troubled marriage, her husband's health problems, and her personal struggles as she is placed in the most trying time of her life.

Although this book is a story of hardship, it is also a story of overcoming. This book narrates how Susana forged her own way to healing. It tells how she sought solutions through webinars and ebooks, and how these things paved the way for a new, positive perspective in her life.

The author lists the workshops and books that have been helpful to her in the hopes that others will find a silver lining in them as well. She also discusses the techniques that she has learned and how she applies them to her everyday life.

One facet of this book that deserves to be highlighted is that Susana's healing did not happen overnight. She tirelessly worked for it. It shows a realistic picture of healing which is one that is not triggered by a singular event. It lets the reader into the reality that the journey to healing takes work and it rewards those who are willing.

Although this is Susana's story, anyone who has reached a point in their life where nothing is left will find themselves relating to this book. Anyone experiencing hardships will find wisdom and resources to start their healing process.

Acquiesce to Love Peace Gratitude is a book about self-discovery. It tells us that, more often than not, trials are there so that we can reflect on our own thoughts. Through this reflection, we are able to get to know ourselves and harness the strength within us to overcome. In the book, Susana learned to be aware of her own thoughts. She became aware of the negative thoughts that lived in her head. Through this awareness, Susana is able to shift her focus on positive thoughts. These positive thoughts are what she has used as the stepping stones that led to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" I wish that there was an option for more than five-stars. This book that found its way to me spoke to me in so many ways. It reminded me of the abusive childhood I somehow managed to survive and the nearly ten years of brainwashing I endured in the name of love. It affirmed my beliefs of being a survivor and not a victim. This book is divine intervention and it resonated with me on so many levels.The story in this book reminded me of my own struggles, struggles I went through all my life, up until recently. However, while I felt like I was already healed, this book pinpointed some areas where even I still needed some work.This is an inspiring book that will motivate you to better your life, on many levels, and help you find your path to positivity. I found it difficult to put down.."

―Yvonne Glasgow, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Heartwarming, tragic and powerful are some of the words that come to mind after reading Reynales de Berry's emotional retelling of what one woman went through and overcame in her journey through life, love and self discovery. Whether you have gone through heartbreak and trial yourself or you need a little inspiration about rising through life's circumstances and tribulations, this short story is well suited for all readers needing a powerful reminder about self love and care."

―Victoria Whitebread, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Acquiesce to Love Peace by Fabiola Piedad María Alicia Reynales de Berry is a book that created in me mixed feelings. At the beginning of the story, I indeed connected with the author’s novel because I was recently divorced too. I understood her pain and her fear about embarking on a journey on her own. There are a lot of books that will help you address anxiety and stress and also books about improving yourself which I found very interesting and some of them I intend to buy and check them out. In Closing, if you have issues with stress, anxiety, have a loved one with dementia then this book can offer some kind of help, especially with all the sources the book presents." ―KM, Amazon

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Fabiola Piedad Maria Alicia was born in South America, lives in Australia. The use of her long name is to honour her grandmother. She studied interior architecture and had her own practice for several years. She loves all art forms, studied oriental painting techniques, sculpture on sandstone and has produced some good quality pieces.

She meditates every-day and believes in the equilibrium of mind and spirit so necessary to obtain happiness.