Book Talk: The Third Eye by David Goldstein

Book Talk: The Third Eye by David Goldstein_The BookWalker

Does good always triumph over evil? Or, does that formula only apply to fairytales? Find out in this fast-paced, action-packed, and thought-provoking science fiction from David Goldstein. The Third Eye is a thrilling story whose plot traverses galaxies. This is not your ordinary "first contact" story. The Third Eye invites its readers to see the world (or several worlds) through the perspective of someone who is not from Earth.

The Third Eye is set in a distant future. A time when planets have already communicated with each other forming a collective called the Galactic Union. The purpose of the Galactic Union is to promote space exploration and the mutual piece between planets and societies. However, just in any story, real or imagined, there will always be forces that exist to disturb the peace. For the Galactic Union, it is the Galani, a race whose only goal is to attack and plunder other planets for resources. The Galani is a hostile race who are willing to kill and destroy. Will the Galactic Union triumph over this evil race?

The Third Eye is a classic mix of science fiction and political drama that seamlessly incorporates its social commentary in its fast-paced story. Each character and each plot in this book presents an important truth. The story emphasizes the effects of each decision the character makes in the present to his future and the planets and the societies that surround him. The story may be set in the future, but it gives its readers a reminder to look at history and use its lessons to guide the decisions to be made in the present.

There are many parallels to be drawn between the Galactic Union and the world we live in today. Many nuggets are scattered along the pages for thoughtful readers to find. However, political observations and moral lessons aside, the story can stand on its own. It is an enjoyable and thrilling story with characters that readers are likely to have never met before.

The Third Eye by David Goldstein

ISBN 978-1543470222

214 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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David is a retired engineer and college professor. He has always been interested in science fiction. He has written many short stories of various genre and a number of scientific papers.

Also check his first novel "The Farm Team"

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