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What does it take to be noticed? As individuals, we change up our hair, add a pop of color to our clothes, or accessorize to get some eyes on us. Accordingly, people who are looking to be alone often express this desire in the way they dress and even with their body language. So, what is the psychology behind grabbing and keeping someone else's attention? And, in the field of retail where attention is a currency, how can it be applied to products?

No-Fail Retail is a book by Regina Blessa that puts focus on consumer behavior and breaks down the merchandising techniques that are proven to be effective in selling products. This book looks at the psychology behind what makes buyers stop at their tracks, zero in on a product, and ultimately buy it. No-Fail Retail discusses the optics that help push a product into the hands of the customer. However, it doesn't stop at creating appearances. The book delves into the ongoing communication between the buyer and the seller that is expressed by multiple elements. Each of these elements is an opportunity to sell and gaining mastery of them will elevate shopping from a transaction to a positive experience that buyers will come back for.

The author, Regina Blessa, has worked with the world's most successful brands from Coca Cola to Johnson and Johnson to Nestlé and so much more. It is from her extensive experience that she is able to share the strategies that she has evaluated and recommended for a wide variety of retail businesses.

No-Fail Retail is recommended for retailers and students alike who are looking to learn about the science behind creating an effective merchandising strategy that leads to more sales and nurtures customers into brand advocates. This book is full of tips that can be implemented into a retail store immediately such as displaying products to get more visibility to techniques that can be incorporated into long term strategies that create a full experience for the buyers. No-Fail Retail is all about creating the best shopping experience for the buyers and the best possible scenario for any retail or e-commerce businesses anywhere in the world.

NoFail Retail: Merchandising Techniques for Stores

ISBN 978-1491756348

214 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Regina Blessa, a pioneer of merchandising in South America who has worked with some of the world's leading companies, provides proven methods to help consumers interact with products at the point of purchase.

Get the guidance you need to meet the changing needs of consumers and boost profits with NoFail Retail.

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