Life Changing Read: Wise Thoughts For Doers: A Walk In Inspiration and Testimony by Nathan W. Palus

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Many people seek for their purpose in life. They search for what it is that they are called to do. They search for meaning and for direction. In the world we live in today, it is very easy to drown out your calling because of the external voices that are present in your daily life. There's the news, social media, and every other external source that are trying to keep you away from the voice of God.

The current world and culture may not give you the prompts or the message that God wants to give you, but you only need to tune the noise out and seek His voice. Wise Thoughts for Doers: A Walk In Inspiration and Testimony is a book that encourages believers to look at the world at its current state and to ask the questions that will help you navigate your own life's journey. It challenges believers to re-evaluate their lives and look to their own calling to discover personal fulfillment.

The book takes its readers on a spiritual journey, one that challenges them to examine their hearts. It encourages readers to make important decisions and exact real changes to be able to live spiritually fulfilling lives.

The author, Nathan W. Paulus, shares his own testimonies. In the book, he narrates his own journey and the life-changing events that have led him to discover his own calling.

Wise Thoughts for Doers is not only a book that challenges the reader's perspective, but it is also one that reassures every seeking soul of God's faithfulness. A spiritual journey can be one of the most arduous yet fulfilling journeys that a person will take and this book encourages believers to look to God's strength. This book is written with transparency that serves as an act of obedience and the author's own testimony to what God has done in his life.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“ What an awesome book! If you need a book that is going to encourage and strengthen in your walk with Christ, this is it! I appreciate the author's transparency in telling his life story. Trials, temptations, failures, victories, he tells it all After reading this book, I could not help but walk away with the conviction and re-assurance that God really does take care of his people as he promised. Truly encouraged by this book.”

―Mildred, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

Wise Thoughts for Doers by Nathan W. Palus

From the author

" Authors receive inspiration from many sources to first, begin, and then complete a body of work. My inspiration came for Wise Thoughts For Doers, at the completion of several important stages of my life’s journey, and then came the call to begin writing.

I first had this tugging at my spirit to write, and then the pronouncing of the title, Wise Thoughts For Doers, which came directly from the Spirit of God. This took place during the last few months of 2011, and so I began writing at the beginning of 2012. In the spring of 2012, I was however asked by the Spirit of God to place the idea, and construction of this book on hold, and to take up another very important task, which was to establish, and begin a ministry He had designed.

After the ministry was created, and a pattern and period of worship were consistent with what He desired, I was directed to begin the process of writing again by fall of 2012. When I had successfully completed what I thought was the book in its entirety, my new instruction by the Spirit of God was, “You have to put yourself into it.” Privacy has always been an essential aspect of my mindset and practice, but when the Spirit of God directs you to put your life in a public forum, you do it. We ought to strive to walk in and to be in total obedience to God.

So then, Wise Thoughts For Doers is broken into two parts, with the second part, A Walk In Inspiration and Testimony being my efforts in putting myself into it. God knows best, and since He does, I certainly hope that His will, this work will be a great blessing to every reader."

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Born on the island of Jamaica, Mr. Palus migrated to the United States at age fifteen. While his schooling included a mixture of Methodist and Catholic denominational teachings, his faith in God was most important in leading and guiding his current choice of non-denominational worship. He is an ordained Elder, Pastor who has served in many roles of responsibility in the church. Currently the founder and Senior Pastor of a dynamic, spirit filled ministry in Central Florida. Being blessed with the gift of discernment, he has been quite observant about the church. everyday life, and occurrences in his own life, as well as the life of others. He has been able to see, and witness prophetic occurrences, and manifestations in his own life that has now led him to share his experiences. He hopes that in sharing, others may be able to recognize their true selves, and to whom they belong as masters of their lives. Mr. Palus is married to his wife Marie of fourteen and a half years, and together co-parents of eight children. He holds several diplomas in Television Directing, Production and Studio Operations, Associate Degree in Marketing, Bachelor’s Degrees in Communications & Organizational Management, and other professional award recognition.

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