Book-In-Focus: The Mother Always Knows: A True Story of Abuse, Family Patterns and Unconscious Belie

In her book, The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy wrote, "This was the trouble with families. Like invidious doctors, they knew just where it hurt." Families do have the ability to hurt like nobody can, especially in places that cannot be seen. Intentional or not, there is a lot that can happen behind the closed doors of a seemingly regular home.

The Mother Always Knows, a book by author Mary Saint is a tale about how families can hurt each other. In this very personal narration of her own pain, she talks about the abuse, destructive family patterns, and unconscious beliefs that she has experienced under the hands of those she trusted the most. She writes about her family history and what happens when the ones who are supposed to care and protect are the very ones to cause harm.

This story was written some twenty years ago. It is a story that touches on a sensitive topic. But, the motivation is not to bring about pain but to enlighten. The Mother Always Knows sheds light on the stories of abuse on betrayal within families so that others who are experiencing the same will know that they are not alone.

Positive emerging from the negative. Mary Saint's story may be considered a tragic one. However, this trajectory of her life has brought about a spiritual awakening and many lessons that she wished to impart to others. In the author's own words, "I hope in some way, readers will learn something about themselves because our stories may differ, but the lessons are often the same."

The Mother Always Knows: A True Story of Abuse, Family Patterns and Unconscious Beliefs by Mary Best


159 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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From the author: I was prompted to tell my story after the person I'd loved for most of my life had betrayed my trust in the worst possible way. In sharing, perhaps a little light will be cast on the darkness of sexual abuse in families. Because its in the telling that the fear, which assists the deception and secrecy, is dispelled.

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