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From internet memes to discussions by the coffee maker, life at work is often likened to the Walking Dead. Although often said in jest, anyone on the workforce knows that there is an ounce (or more) of truth to it.

For many employees work ceases to "spark joy" but it, unfortunately, cannot be discarded. So, many struggles to at least keep themselves awake from Monday to Friday and distract themselves with the thought of their next paycheck.

How does this happen? At what point do employees lose their sense of purpose and become disillusioned with their belief in the teams that they are a part of?

Darelyn 'DJ' Mitsch's book, Zombies to Zealots, takes a look at the “working zombies” phenomenon and scrutinizes what turns even the most enthusiastic employees into the walking dead. More importantly, it discusses how individuals and leaders can Reawaken, Remember, Reconnect, or Rehumanize their organization.

Darelyn DJ Mitsch is a thought leader and innovator in the field of business where she is transforming teams and reawakening the human spirit at work.

To Reawaken, Remember, Reconnect, or Rehumanize teams and organizations may not be an easy feat. Often it is met with push back and hesitation from the employees who have been comfortable at self-victimization or leaders who feel threatened by looking to others for help. But, if there is one thing Zombies to Zealots wants to impart to the workforce and its leadership, it is that it’s possible to bring their team back from the dead. The book also conveys the importance of team coaching to work. It emphasizes the importance of leaders who lead. Whether it means doing the coaching themselves or having the self-awareness to know that outside resources such as bringing in a team coach need to be utilized, the welfare of the entire team needs to be placed above conflict or ego.

Zombies to Zealots is a rescue kit and a call to convert zombies into zealots who work knowing their purpose and recognizing their potential to positively impact their teams.

Zombies to Zealots: Reawaken the Human Spirit at Work!

ISBN 978-1504356428

214 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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Reviews & What Readers Say

" If you've ever felt dispirited on the job, this book could be the exact reframe you need. Using analogy of "Zombies" to indicate how many people go through their daily lives at work, the author, DJ Mitsch, takes the reader on a "Re" journey through ReAwakening, ReMembering, ReConnecting, and ReHunamizing on their path toward becoming (or ReBecoming) a Zealot in their work and life. While reading, I was ReMinded that our aspiration at work should not be to "survive" and get through another day, but to "thrive" daily. And much of that is an "inside job." The author provides some helpful coaching tools and tips for those who are trying to escape from "Zombieland." If that describes you and your present work situation, perhaps it's time to go for it! This book could help in your escape."

Mark H. Greenawald, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" DJ absolutely uplifts us in this book. Time and time again I felt inspired to jump in and take action as she brilliant calls one to make change now in oneself and the world."

WP, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Each time I pick up this book, I find a tidbit that sparks my soul and encourages me to let my voice be heard. Most books about the workplace have me focus on my strengths. This book goes deeper, helping bring my whole self into my work. Zombies to Zealots helped me as an individual, as a team member, and as a leader to see what is possible for bringing our humanity into the workplace and the amazing results that occur when we do."

Marcia Reynolds, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" DJ has connected wisdom, myth, theology, humor and challenge into a must read book! You will be tempted to read it quickly. And, you will want to stop yourself from doing that because DJ both invites and challenges all of us to a deeper place where we can reengage with ourselves and the life we want to lead.A must read for all Zombies.....which might be all of us at some point! Thanks DJ for your hard work and boundless energy!"

— Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Darelyn DJ Mitsch is considered a game changer—a free spirit business leader turned author who is on a mission to reawaken the human spirit at work! Born in a place called Welcome, NC to her mother's pen name, Precious Darelyn, (mom won an essay contest in high school using same) she became story teller and writer at a young age—penning a local newspaper column at the ripe age of 15. Making her way through twists and turns, she morphed careers into entrepreneur and coach, where she became an award winning CEO, internationally recognized Master Certified Coach, one of the first 25 designated by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

DJ has worked with over 1,000 executive clients, and she and Barry have matched over 5,000 leaders and business owners with their stellar team of coaches. The teams coached by Pyramid colleagues achieve extraordinary business goals. Her coach training program has just moved to Virginia Tech's beautiful Roanoke campus and is focused on training professional leadership coaches and coaching skills to leaders in the business of healthcare.

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