Book-in-Focus: Stop Cancer with Phytotherapy: With 100+ anti-cancer recipes by Benjamin Lau

Book-in-Focus:Stop Cancer with Phytotherapy: With 100+ anti-cancer recipes by  Benjamin Lau_The BookWalker

Cancer is one of the second most common causes of death in the US, and it plagues people from all walks of life throughout the world. Many factors have been uncovered to cause cancer. Of these factors, it is undeniable that diet and lifestyle are some of the leading causes of numerous types of this disease.

Our lifestyle affects many aspects of our lives. The daily habits that we develop is a good predictor of the future we are going to have. All the choices that we make today can impact our immediate and long term future. The bad news is that the unhealthy choices we have made in the past will catch up with us tomorrow. But, the good news is, we can make efforts to redesign what our health will look like in the future by the good habits we develop today.

Stop Cancer with Phytotherapy by Dr. Benjamin Lau is a bolder look at cancer that focuses on looking at the way we eat and the way we live. This book discusses the many benefits of Phytotherapy, the use of chemicals found in plants to prevent or cure cancer.Although there are many principles and procedures surrounding finding a cure for cancer, Dr. Lau claims that those methods merely cure the symptoms and not the actual disease. He emphasizes the use of plant-based nutrition to destroy cancer cells. This book focuses on altering one’s lifestyle as a non-invasive cure for cancer that does not involve the adverse effects that are associated with chemotherapy or surgery.

Why is a book like this needed to be written and shared?

The author puts it succinctly — to save a life. This book aims to help individuals who are suffering from cancer and those who are keen on avoiding this terrible disease make impactful choices when it comes to their health. It aims to empower people to make positive lifestyle changes that can create lasting and positive effects on their well-being.

Stop Cancer with Phytotherapy: With 100+ anti-cancer recipes

ISBN 978-1490848105

362 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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Reviews & What Readers Say

" I believe that their is emerging evidence that shows what we consume either is a risk or a benefit. This is certainly supported by this well written book. It describes in common language why the food we eat has a benefit for a healthy immune system. It also indirectly explains why the standard american diet yields cancer and other diseases.. Dr Lau appears to have a great understanding of the science and immunology involved with cancer and tells of his years of research experience and the amazing things that he discovered in science. I found it very helpful to have specific dietary recommendations for a healthy diet with recipes for foods that promote a healthy immune system. I am very excited to know the information conveyed in this book" Gary R. Barker, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Excellent book recommended by an oncologist friend. Very interesting comment by the author that he noticed his vegetarian friends and colleagues dying from the same diseases and in the same numbers as non-vegetarians. The vegetarians were eating very high quantities of milk, eggs and cheese! So they were getting the same level of animal protein as non-vegetarians. This similarity was supported by the data he was studying regarding plant vs animal protein related illnesses."

—Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" I met Dr. Benjamin Lau and his wife, Esther Lau, at a conference of the American College of Nutrition held in Orlando in November 2015. He and his wife presented a poster on comparing length of survival after diagnosis of cancer his recommendation of a plant-based, no animal products diet with treatment using chemotherapy. As I recall, survival was significantly longer with his dietary recommendations than with chemotherapy. From my own research and my review of the peer-reviewed journal literature, whole-plant-based diets are associated with much better health and lower chronic disease rates than the standard American diet (SAD) with a large amount of animal products, meat, milk, fish, and eggs. For example, the traditional Japanese diet had less than 15% of its energy derived from animal products, mainly from the sea, and gave the Japanese the longest life expectancy and healthy life expectancy of any country. When they made the nutrition transition to the Western diet, rates of breast, colon, prostate, etc., cancers increased several fold and Alzheimer's disease rates increased from 1% in 1985 to 7% in 2008. There are many mechanisms whereby animal products increase the risk of chronic diseases. There are many mechanisms whereby whole plant foods decrease the risk of chronic diseases. Another book I recommend is How Not to Die, by Michael Greger, M.D., which discusses how animal products increase the risk for the 15 top causes of death in the U.S., while plant foods decrease the risk. Dr. Lau's book book provides a wealth of good information on diet for treating cancer and has 21 pages of references as well as over delicious recipes. The book also recommends sunlight and vitamin D, a topic I have studied extensively since 1999. Despite opposition to UVB exposure and vitamin D by the medical establishment, the evidence is overwhelming that both reduce cancer risk and increase survival after diagnosis. The evidence is plain as day to see in the maps at my website, [...] , showing that cancer death rates are lowest in the sunny southwest and highest in the cloudy northeast. The recommendations are also useful for those who would like to prevent cancer. I highly recommend this book.."

William B. Grant, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Benjamin Lau, M.D., Ph.D. is a clinician, research scientist, and distinguished professor at Loma Linda University Medical School in southern California. For three decades he and his associates have studied chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and phytotherapy -- in animals, humans, and cell cultures. All these modalities can stop cancer growth. All of them, except one, have severe to life-threatening side effects. The one exception is phytotherapy that has no side effects and gives more lasting benefits.

What is phytotherapy? It is the use of a plant-based whole food to heal and to restore the body. Their research shows that phytotherapy is the safest chemotherapy. Plant chemicals selectively destroy cancer cells while non-toxic to normal cells. Most of the current chemotherapeutic drugs destroy both the cancerous along with the healthy cells--that is they kill and weaken every cell indiscriminately.

However, phytochemicals in unprocessed whole food can provide dual functions--selectively killing only cancer cells while supplying nutrients to nourish normal cells, and enhancing our immune cells to potentiate their power to destroy cancer cells. It is gratifying to find more and more physicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, and general public are now embracing the benefits of phytotherapy.

Last year the Chinese version of Stop Cancer with Phytotherapy was published in Taiwan. Within just a few short months, many have reported benefits from using the book to fight cancer!

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