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There is something that can be learned from every event in our lives. Whether it is success or strife, there is a lesson and pearls of wisdom that is waiting to be seen, waiting to be embraced. Not every lesson is obvious. Some have to work hard to find it. And, when it is found, it becomes a journey of discovering oneself and the path to self-actualization. This journey differentiates those who remain in the pain of the past and those who choose to walk confidently towards a bright future.

Such is the story of John Norseman. In his book, Journey of a Shaman: Life - the Journey, Spirit - the Destination, he shares the story his own struggles and triumphs in life. He had a traumatic childhood, a situation where many people would not be able to get out of even later in their lives. His experience of abuse has taught him to forgive, to let go of negativity, and to find the strength to close that door so he can walk through life positively. John went on to become the CEO of four major companies. More than that, he became a testament that your own healing can also help others.

Throughout the book, John provides guidance and inspiration to people of all ages and circumstances. Journey of a Shaman is part autobiography, part self-help book that extends the message of hope to all who are seeking the light to walk through life with. John has helped and is considered a mentor to the people that he has crossed paths with. In a sense, this book is an extension of his mentorship so that his message can reach multitudes.

Through the telling of his life story, he encourages the readers to follow their heart, always seek positivity, and forgive. John shares multitudes of practical advice and motivation reminding every person that opens this book that the only thing that is stopping you from achieving the desires of your heart are the blocks in your own mind.

Journey of a Shaman is a transformative book with a page-turning story and a life-changing message.

Journey of a Shaman by John Norseman

ISBN 978-1504332637

382 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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John Norseman is a practical intuitive and has strong leadership and communication skills. He was CEO of four major companies and has lived in many countries. He has been a shaman since retiring in 2007. He lives in Britain providing spiritual healing, guidance and teaching.