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A young, white moose called Morty has always sensed that there was something different about him. He can feel it when other animals in the forest back away whenever he comes to play with them. He can see it in their eyes as they stare in wonder. Morty is different. He knows it. The rest of the forest knows it.

Will Morty ever find friend friends who will accept him for who he is? Will he ever see the uniqueness that makes him special?

Morty is a character created by the author, KC Rasmussen inspired by an actual white moose. These unique creatures are mesmerizing, but they are very rare. Morty, the character and the children’s book, is written to show how wonderful uniqueness and individuality is. Often, we fail to see beauty because we are so focused on what makes us different. Morty teaches us to be aware, to accept, and to celebrate what only we can bring to the table. It also encourages readers to create a space where diversity is embraced and acknowledged for the beauty that it brings.

Morty sends an important message especially in this time in history that we are in. Today, we are navigating what it means to be different in a whole new way. Life is now amplified and has given light to all the ways that we are different from each other. Just like Morty in the book, people are slowly opening their eyes to the diversity around us. It is up to us to remain lost in the forest or to find and create our own refuge.

Morty is a book that communicates an important message in a way that is fun, engaging, and easy to understand for young children. Presented in its rhymes are many lessons to be learned and adventures to be had. Morty is an interactive book that inspires imaginations and opens hearts.

Morty by K.C. Rasmussen

ISBN 978-1524691318

32 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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Reviews and What Readers Say

" This wonderful children’s book celebrates the differences in each of us. Not understanding why he is shunned by many and accepted by few, this moose bravely moves through life, wondering why many of the other forest animals reject him. Only as an adult does he discover the unique qualities that set him apart from others and find a place to fit in. A life lesson creatively crafted in rhyme and illustrated with a gentle love for nature. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate story for all ages. Highly recommended!"

—Dell, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" A wonderful story to read with the family. Beautiful pictures and a fun read to teach our family how important it is to be who you are."

—Brandon, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Loved this children's story, in rhyme, and the beautiful illustrations."

—Jill, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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K.C. Rasmussen is a runner, hiker, river rafter, traveler, color-pencil illustrator, cellist, gardener, husband, dad, grandfather, and friend. He has been an educator, businessman, lighthouse keeper, storyteller, and bee keeper. His best friends include several book characters from a lifetime of reading.

The idea for "Morty" came when I saw a photo of a different kind of moose in Sweden. "Cool", I thought, "I could write a story." So, I did.

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