Book Discovery: Cupid’s Arrow by David Peter Rosenfeld

Book Discovery: Cupid’s Arrow by  David Peter Rosenfeld _The BookWalker

Cupid’s Arrow is set in the earth’s distant future, but it retains many elements that make up good fiction — mystery, a new world, and a controversy that is rooted in the issues that plague humanity in the present day. In this book, the readers are taken into a version of the earth that they have never seen before. However, it still talks about the political and environmental trends that occupy the conversations of today.

The book itself is a work of fiction. It is set in a time that has not yet passed with characters, the inheritors of the earth, who evolved from birds. Yes, the story takes place at a time when humans have already fled the Earth and are replaced by another species. This premise alone is fantastical but everything else in this book, at its core, are things that readers can quickly identify with.

The story, from the first chapter, is already laden with intrigue. Lady Thundercrest, an aristocrat, is set for her historic appearance in court. Having returned from Interior Archaeological Expedition without any of her companions with her, suspicion is surrounding her, threatening her place in society, and more importantly, her life. From here, you are invited to take in the details of this new earth, from the Nesthouse to archaeological expeditions. Then, as the story unfolds, you will be piecing together a mystery and embarking on an adventure.

David Rosenfeld's Cupid's Arrow will take you to a world that is different yet the same. It introduces you to interesting characters, some you will root for, some you will despise, and some who will intrigue you. Cupid's Arrow invites you to let your imagination take flight and land on a new world.

Cupid's Arrow by David Peter Rosenfeld

ISBN 978-1546221883

188 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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My first words spoken as an infant before I was a year old were "People talk." Since then, I have been listening to the world and reading, too, while watching and learning. My mother took early dictation from me of short stories which I illustrated, including "Professor Kuhn and His Amphibious Flying Machine." It was my fifth-grade elementary school teacher who inspired me to have a serious interest in poetry, which saw me recite from memory "The Jabberwocky" and also to write some creative fiction of my own.

In middle school, I wrote "The Battle of Costa Mesa," complete with maps of Russian paratroops battling the local militiamen. During the years that followed, I created an imaginary world for the game "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," which involved riddle-poems. In high school, I began to write more in response to assignments, and by the time I was ready to graduate from the University of California, I had a collection of poems and short stories. My first published work was "Yes, Nietzsche is Still Dead," in a campus magazine. Some years later I self-published four books of poetry, three of which are still in print. "Cupid's Arrow" is my first attempt at the novel form. Currently, I am writing the prequels and the sequel to this story. Thus, if you read it, and wonder, "What happened before" and also "What happens next"—you will eventually have an opportunity to find out.

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