Book Talk: God and the Gunny: A Marine’s Faith Journey by Tom Moriarty

Book Talk: God and the Gunny: A Marine’s Faith Journey by Tom Moriarty_The BookWalker

Tom Moriarty served in the US Marine Corps for 22 years with 28 months spent in combat. He is a man who has seen a great deal of suffering, death, and adversity. Many have asked, “Why does a man who has seen so much pain in the world celebrating a glorious God?

In his book, God and the Gunny: A Marine’s Faith Journey, Moriarty shares with his readers his experiences of fighting in Vietnam and facing life-threatening encounters. He has served with those who have lost their limbs or their lives. During the course of his service, he has questioned why he is alive while he is surrounded by death including those he knew or who were close to him. And, as he will come to understand, it is God’s hand that has continually saved him and has never let him go. It was God’s purpose for him.

What has kept his spirit alive in all of those trying times was God’s presence that served as his guidance and often, his refuge. As the author succinctly says, If you do not know the Lord, combat is not a great place to be, but you will probably find Him there. God and the Gunny is a story of hardships and triumphs. In this book, the author shares how he has come to know God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. He recalls the times that God has shown Himself in the form of miracles, in life-saving interventions and the transforming of the author’s own heart.

God and the Gunny is a testament of God’s promise that He will never leave or forsake His children. And, as Tom Moriarty can attest to, God will fulfill this promise to the ends of the earth, even in the darkest and most dangerous corners.

God and the Gunny: A Marine's Faith Journey by Tom Moriarty

ISBN 978-1973624813

124 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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Reviews & What Readers Say

" Excellent read! Thank you Tom for putting it all on the line in THE NAM and Desert Storm! It's a very good book detailing how Tom with GOD'S help survived alcoholism,Nam and Desert Storm and learned to walk with God. Should be read by anyone that has doubts about God!"

Brad, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Good book. Easy to read. I appreciate the life testimony of Tom and his service to God and our country. Would recommend reading."

Devon Long, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Tom Moriarty is a retired US Marine who served his country for twenty-two years. He has combat experience as an infantryman in Vietnam, and he also served as an artillery operation chief in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. With a total of twenty-two months in combat, Tom knows he has had the protection of God over him, and he hopes God and the Gunny can help others recognize how God uses many situations to speak with us and guide us along our divinely ordained path.

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