Special Feature: Letters From The End of Infinity by Tomas D'Amico

March 4, 2019




Would you survive the end of the earth? When galaxies have collided, and species have died and flourished, on which side are you going to be on?


Letters From The End of Infinity by the author, Tomas D’ Amico explores life towards the earth’s end. The Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda have collided. All of the lands are anticipating the impending doom of an exploding sun. Escape plans have been hatched as humanity is preparing to gamble on their lives in search of habitat less dangerous than the earth. Some species would cease to survive. While others will need to adapt to a new and still changing environment.



As with any story where change is happening, a power struggle ensues. It has been said too often that chaos is indeed a ladder. Amidst humanity’s fight against being completely extinguished from the face of the universe, other battles are taking place. The power hungry will always see an opportunity to step on others to raise themselves up. Will those that truly care for humanity’s future be able to save the day?



This is a story of survival. It is a story of the lengths humanity would go to preserve themselves and what life means for them — power, loyalty, family, love. Everything has an inevitable end. It is unavoidable and necessary. The end erases, but it also brings new things to life. Letters From The End of Infinity is a story about the ending and new beginnings and how humanity will cope with it all.




Letters from the End of Infinity by Tomas D'Amico

ISBN 978-1546249894

168 Pages 

Reviewed by Krystle Manis



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A note from the author


What might one say about who I am? Shakespeare would be proud to hear that I choose to be. Alive, here on Earth, it’s nice just to breathe freely. As for who I am, I grew up in Dallas, Texas; and am a student at the University of Texas. Here I studied an assortment of things from Math and Computer Science to Philosophy and Advertising, ending up as a Rhetoric and Writing major. As of late, my life has involved the creation of my first ever short-film. As I myself am a fan of culture, it is my dream to contribute to it, because life just wouldn’t be the same without it.



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