Book Discovery: Tales for the Young and Old by Jean McMahon

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Writers pour a lot of themselves into what they write. They pour what they know, what they have imagined, and what they feel into a page or a few. Then, they serve it to their audience hoping that the ingredients that they have lovingly put together will resonate. Because, whether the story is based on reality or pure fiction, the emotions within it are real.

Every short story that you will ever read is a gift from the author to you. This is precisely what Tales for the Young and Old by Jean McMahon is. It is a collection of short stories bound together into a neat little package.

These short stories will transport you to different places. They will allow you to walk in someone else’s shoes for a moment. Some of these stories will be your great, however momentary, escape. Tales for the Young and Old is a collection of short stories that are meant to entertain, to allow you to take a moment and get immersed in another world as each story unfold.

These short stories will take you within yourself. If storytelling has a superpower, it is to allow you to reflect, to understand, and to empathize. They allow you to see someone else’s world through their perspective. It can take you to situations that you have never experienced, to places you’ve never been, and introduce you to people you have never met. All this, so that for a moment, you can reflect on the things that resonate with you the most.

More importantly, these short stories will uplift you. The author, Jean McMahon, have given some of these short stories as gifts. These are tales that are close to her heart. Through Tales for the Young and Old, she is inviting you to be entertained, to be enriched, and to be uplifted.

Tales for the Young and Old by Jean McMahon

ISBN 978-1524652678

56 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Jean McMahon has one published children’s book in the 1990s. She writes stories that inspire her, and like so many others, she writes from her heart. Jean has three grown children and three grandchildren. She has given stories as gifts to her family and friends. Presently, Jean lives in New Jersey with her beloved husband; they both enjoy walks on the towpath.

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