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Everyone we meet has the potential to create lasting impressions with us. There are those who capture your attention with how they look. There are those who stand out because of what they do. And then, there are those who become unforgettable because of who they are — because they emanate a special warmth and kindness that makes us feel a certain kinship with them.

A lasting impression was surely made when Rick Panto and his granddaughter Kory met a police horse named Russell. A police horse is impressive enough, but there was something special about Russell that even after their first meeting, Kory has requested many “Russell stories” from her grandfather.

Russell the Horse Storybook and Russell the Horse and Friends Storybook are collections of stories that Rick told to Kory, his other grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friend’s children over the years. Each story chronicles Russell’s adventures where he helps children and other animals who are needing his help. Each story in these collections are unique, and they tell tales of a new adventure. Much like the real-life Russell, these stories show the values of kindness, courage, and friendship.

These stories are not only meant to entertain, but these stories also teach valuable life lessons that are easy to understand. They are accompanied by beautiful illustrations that help awaken children’s imaginations and helps them enjoy the stories even more. These stories have captivated many young minds and hearts close to Rick over the years, and now, they are available to delight children anywhere in the world.

Russell was a real police horse that worked with the local Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department for many years. Rick and his granddaughter Kory met Russell at an event when she was 2 years old and Kory wanted Rick to tell her “Russell stories”.

Russell the Horse and Friends Storybook by Rick Panto

ISBN 978-1546200314

30 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

Russell the Horse Storybook by Rick Panto

ISBN 978-1524602550

30 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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Rick Panto is a grandfather who after meeting a horse named Russell with his 2 year old granddaughter Kory, began telling stories about Russell to her.

Facts about Russell Russell was born 3/20/86 Father’s name was Chief Red Cloud Russell’s real name is Red Clouds Rustler Russell’s breed was a paint horse When he was full grown Russell was 15 hands tall and weighed about 1,300 lbs. Russell died in Nov of 2014 and was buried in Newman, California

Please visit Russell's website: http://www.russellthehorse.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Russell-The-Horse-

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