Book Talk: Dreams of the Defeated: A Play in Two Acts Joel D. Hirst

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When torn in the battle between losing our self and losing our freedom, our choices and actions become our defining traits. Our beliefs and morals become the essence of our beings. Still, the question begs, how long are we willing to fight for the things we believe in?

Dreams of the Defeated is set in a totalitarian regime where a boy is facing trial for rebelling against the lies of society and the violence that ensued because of it. Raised in a brutally repressive state, it is a rarity, and a death wish to abide by a truth that is not the government sanctioned. Now, he must await his sentence for the many crimes under his name, none of which comes close to his true offense— disturbing the “Perfect Order” and questioning the deity of this regime’s founder.

Deceived by the promise of equality and justice, the fate of the people falls in the manacles of a greedy government ravenous for power and absolute control, willing to dispose of anybody who got in the way. But even if darkness seems to have engulfed everything, light, and hope prevail as little burning embers in the hearts of the people behind the September Seventh resistance movement. Its leader, a young man whose life hangs on the balance in the fight for freedom, not for himself but for his fellowmen. How far are we willing to go to salvage our humanity and freedom?

Dreams of the Defeated is a dystopian story, an imagined state of society. A setting where great suffering and injustice is experienced by the masses. However, how far fetched is this story really is to the present reality? In many parts of the world, this dystopian setting where the population has lost their freedom to speak their truth is a day-to-day. In fact, many are imprisoned throughout the world for exercising their freedom. Arguably, even “free” societies have an invisible hand that shepherds the people through propaganda and a false sense of freedom.

Joel D. Hirst fathers the genius creation titled Dreams of The Defeated, a two-act play that extends from the pages and into our lives. Written in the form of a play, Dreams of the Defeated by Joel Hirst completes the checklist of what makes a good dystopian story. A hero who is fighting the status quo, a society that has been controlled by propaganda and devoid of independent thought, and the brazen boldness to call society out. Read it before it becomes a movie.

Dreams of the Defeated: A Play in Two Acts Joel D. Hirst

ISBN 978-1797084329

108 Pages

Reviewed by Sophia Wadler

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Joel D. Hirst is a novelist and a playwright. He was a Fellow in Residence at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Fellow in Human Freedom at the George W. Bush Institute. He is a graduate of Brandeis University. Visit Joel D Hirst Amazon's page at Joel D Hirst/Amazon

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