Book Discovery: Embers on the Hearth by Frances Boricchio

Book Discovery: Embers on the Hearth by Frances Boricchio_The BookWalker

It was always the same; it was the only life he knew.

Jason McIvers spent most of his time in the hills. He makes a living as a trapper. Jason, unmistakably for most of the time spends the hunting season alone in the hills for six months out and leaves only to sell the treated furs. Out of the banality of his routine, there is one other thing that Jason McIvers does. Every time he leaves the hills, he drinks at Ike’s place, and when the alcohol has taken over, he gets into a brawl and looks forward to it. In the morning after, he finds himself at the army’s guardhouse, pays his fine before he goes on his way to the same old repetitive, dull routine.

It was always the same. Until, one morning when it wasn’t. Jason McIvers left the hills, got drunk at Ike’s place, started a fight, woke up at the army’s guardhouse, but he was not let go. Someone's dead at the Saloon. Jason's friend Ike is dead. And so began the events that changed Jason McIvers' life forever.

Embers of the Hearth is a novel by Frances Boricchio. It follows the story of a man called Jason McIvers. The story in itself flows naturally and carries a distinct tone that perfectly suits the setting and the characters. Boricchio has written with an unmistakable voice that is consistent all throughout the story.

Embers of the Hearth is a novel written as a tribute to Boricchio’s sister who tragically passed away before she could realize the dream of writing a western. Perhaps it’s the passing of a loved one that lent a sincere voice to the writing and helped develop the characters with great care. This is up to the readers to decide.

Embers on the Hearth by Frances Boricchio

ISBN 978-1546269816

184 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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Frances is recently retired after a 40 year career in supervisory and management positions. She has worked in different professional settings including the software industry, the timber industry, accounting offices and in a college education environment. It wasn’t until her retirement that Frances discovered her passion for writing. Frances lives in the beautiful foothills of California with her husband. They enjoy the peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. In addition to this book, Frances has published two short story children’s books; “A Box of Red Dominos” and “The Adventure of Rodney and Diane.”

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