Book Talk: Alexander Lee and the Sunken Ship by Laura Austin

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The curious minds will form a lasting bond with Alexander Lee!

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Animals are wonderful creatures. Big or small, they know how to teach young boys and girls a lesson or two. Alexander Lee is no exception. He is a big brave shark who lives in the depths of the sea, and because Alexander is brave, he doesn’t fear anything and goes about anywhere confidently. He loves fun and adventure, and he likes to meet other creatures, even whales that are way bigger than him.

One day, while out on a leisurely swim, he spots a sunken ship. Surely, there is nothing to fear inside the ship. He is, after all, a big brave shark. So Alexander swims closer to the ship, closer to another adventure.

What discovery will Alexander make inside the ship? What lessons will Alexander learn from this adventure?

Young boys and girls are always tough, curious, and on the lookout for new things to try and new places to explore. They think they are tall enough and big enough; they feel they can conquer the world on their own. Some think they have muscles and strength to take on monsters and other creatures of the imagination. However, the moment they step out alone, especially in the dark, they start second-guessing their bravado. Darkness is definitely not a friend. Some young kids climb make-believe mountains and vales and roar at the top of their lungs like mighty lions in the jungle. Some talk a mile a minute at home or in familiar company, but in front of a crowd or a new face, they’re often shy and speechless. Such is the lovable reality about tough and mighty boys and girls who will definitely find Alexander the big brave shark relatable.

Author Laura Austin’s son was in preschool when he fell in love with sharks. Making the most of the situation, Laura decided to make a shark the hero of her stories and her lessons; thus, Alexander the shark was born. Any kid can identify with Alexander, and Laura hopes to encourage them with her stories until they become their own kind of brave hero.

Alexander Lee and the Sunken Ship is the first book in the series. It is followed by Alexander Lee to the Rescue. Alexander Lee and the Sunken Ship will be loved by kids for years to come.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Alexander Lee will surely entertain and inspire the young curious minds. It is easy to form a lasting bond with Alexander Lee."

—A Alcott, The BookWalker

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Alexander Lee and the Sunken Ship by Laura Austin

ISBN 978-1543461299

24 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

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From the author:

NNow you can enjoy Alexander Lee's newest adventure, Alexander Lee To The Rescue and Tag With Jazz, a double feature! I've also added a video to this page of a sneak peek of The Sunken Ship, narrated by a fourth-grade student!

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