Book-In-Focus: A Butterfly’s Shadow by L.D.

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Soul-stirring. Each poem hits a homerun.


Poetry is a writer’s most powerful tool. It can reveal emotions that cannot be expressed in any other way. It has a rhythm that can travel without sound. Poems have the unique ability to tell stories between the lines.

In her book, A Butterfly’s Shadow, the author under the pen name LD, expresses her emotions, rhythm, and stories through her poetry. She shares what inspires her with her readers whether these come from a place that is positive or toxic. There is an absolute honesty in this work that can only come from a hidden voice that the author has kept quiet but is now free. This book is not only a chronicle of her experiences but a therapeutic release that she hopes the readers with find in it too. Describing her book, LD reveals, “A Butterfly’s Shadow is not only a relic but is the light that shined over my shadow to reveal the beauty of the butterfly within.”

A Butterfly’s Shadow is a book that depicts a very personal journey. Through her poetry, the author takes the readers through emotional, mental, and spiritual turmoils. It is in these obstacles that she has developed her unique voice and point of view. Her particular perspective is clearly reflected in her poetry, in the words and rhythm of each and every line of her poems. Her challenges also became a springboard from which she pulls inspiration from. It is for this reason that this collection is not only an expression, but it is also a celebration. Her sentiment may be personal, but at a human level, there is a feeling and an understanding that is waiting for the readers. A Butterfly’s Shadow is full of poetry that is both personal and universal.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Soul-piercing, soul-stirring, truthfully written. I never thought this book would have such influence on me."

— Justine, Book Reviewer,The BookWalker

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A Butterfly’s Shadow by L.D.

ISBN 978-1503540163

48 Pages

Reviewed by Kyrstle Manis

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LD is a first-time author, but not a first-time poet. She uses a pen name so her work can be a portrait based on her words and not on her attribute that her community or fellow peers view. As a young child raised in New York, the streets and homes were filled with rhythm and rhymes. Taking on her father aspirations for music, she develops her own sense of creativity and found poetry to be her source.

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