Book-In-Focus: The Invisible Women by Sandra Makowski

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All throughout the Bible, there are countless stories about men and their acts of faith, their courage, and their role in taking the place of miracles. While it is true that the stories of men whose heart were after God’s purpose, one still need to ask — Where were the women?

The Invisible Women by Sandra Makowski examines the answer to this question. This book retells the Gospel and presents the evidence found throughout the Bible that proves women were present. Women weren’t just idle bystanders, but they were teachers, prophets, judges, healers, deacons.

Makowski begins the book with the story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes from the book of Mark. This miracle has been told to Christians from Sunday school to the pulpits. However, in every telling, it tells us that five thousand men were fed. Where were the women?

The answer lies in Matthew's account where he says “Five thousand men were fed, not counting women and children.

They were present, yet they are unnamed and unnoticed. Why?

This book speaks about the many proven instances of gender inequality in the church from the beginning. It shines a light on the consistent pattern of women being excluded from the history of the faith. The Invisible Women acknowledges the women of faith who have been pushed aside and forgotten. It challenges the church to finally recognize the silent efforts of women and count them as equally effective leaders. More importantly, it challenges the readers to reflect — How different would the church and the Christian faith be if it did not forget about the women?

The Invisible Women by Sandra Makowski

ISBN 978-1512779561

150 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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Sandra Makowski grew up in Binghamton, NY. She and her twin sister entered the religious order of the Sisters of St. Mary in 1965. Sandra's sister, Carole Jean, was killed in a car accident in 1981 on her way to teach in the missions in South Carolina. Sandra's life changed after that - became one of searching and treasuring each moment God gives us.