Book Talk: Africa Calling by Dr. Johan Claassens

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Is there a force known to man that is stronger than a spiritual calling?

Johan Claassens has witnessed how compelling a spiritual calling is. It is one that takes over your whole being — mind, body, and spirit. Once it starts, it is like a wildfire that consumes anything and everything in its way.

John Claassens grew up in pre-democratic South Africa, where the only form of accepted spirituality is within the church. Any other belief system is considered evil. Guides, spiritual teachers, and ancestors are deemed ungodly. Growing up in a family that is deeply rooted in the church, he learned to hide his spiritual gifts from an early age. Sharing them would put a dent in the relationship that he had with his family. It would mean being put on medications to cure his “delusions.”

It is later in life that he has learned the true price for his spiritual gifts. Separation from family, friendships, material possessions, and all the material things that he built his life around. In exchange is spiritual enlightenment that he never imagined possible.

In his book, Africa Calling, John Claassens follows his unique path to becoming an African Shaman. Not just any African shaman, a white one! This is only one of the many elements that make Claassens’ journey unique. And, another proof that the force that is one’s spiritual calling transcends color and ethnicity. It calls who it pleases and uses who it wants according to its purpose — including leading a white man into the African realms of ancestors.

Claasens invites the readers into the nitty gritty of his journey. In this book, he recounts his daily life in the physical and spiritual. He retraces the steps in the journey that brought him to where he is today. Africa Calling opens up a door to a world known only to a few.

Africa Calling

ISBN 978-1490724362

122 Pages

Reviewed by Denise Cole

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Dr. Johan Claassens grew up in South Africa, pre-democracy in 1994 in a very Christian rooted family environment where the Churches had the main say. At a time where the minority and churches ruled, and African Spirituality was seen as the devil's work, witchcraft, and taboo. Where any "white" man seen to be "worshipping" the ancestors meant ostracization and blasphemy. But of course, the Gods had a sense of humor, and African spirituality was forced upon him by the powers that be. "Life means nothing unless it's a journey." The "calling" of the African Shaman is not for the faint-hearted nor for a "white" man who had never heard of "spiritualism." Sort after guest speaker now shares his personal experiences in African Spirituality, African Shamanism, Ancient African Celestial Skies, African Witchcraft to audiences around the world.

Now semi-retired and writing up a storm with 3 more books being published soon. Author, Adventurer, and Spiritual Advisor to Heads of Government, Kings, and Corporations. Currently living in a village named Clarens where the summers are beautiful, and the winters bring snow. Surrounded by mountains, nature, and rivers. This is where Africa's heartbeat pulsates.

Please check out his new books:

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Africa Calling

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