Book-In-Focus: The Highly Intuitive Child & Psychological Disorders: “Angels in Disguise” by Dr.

Book-In-Focus: The Highly Intuitive Child & Psychological Disorders: “Angels in Disguise” by Dr. Johan Claassens_The BookWalker

We live in a world of quick fixes. We are told to turn our devices on and off when they are malfunctioning, we are ready to discard anything for the latest model, and we have a pill for everything. Unfortunately, we have acquired the habit of implementing a quick fix even when it is not warranted. We do this also to our children.

In his book, The Highly Intuitive Child and Psychological Disorders, Dr. John Claassens exposes the practice of misdiagnosing children, mistaking their gifts for “mental disorders.”

The world is evolving, and so are the children who are born into the new times. Many highly intuitive children who are experiencing fourth- and fifth- dimensional thinking are misunderstood. As a result, they are not given the tools that they need to become fully functioning adults and much less to harness their gifts.

Dr. Claassens has over 15 years of experience in dealing with highly intuitive children and what he has found is that there is an astounding disconnect between the “treatment” that they receive and what they actually need. Parents, educators, psychologists, and other caregivers are missing the mark completely. Through this book, Dr. Claassens seeks to educate in daily terminology so that these children may be given the support that they need. He also shares the importance of spiritual assessments so that the world will not miss out on what these children can bring.

The Highly Intuitive Child & Psychological Disorders: “Angels in Disguise”

ISBN 978-1982205942

114 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

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Dr. Johan Claassens grew up in South Africa, pre-democracy in 1994 in a very Christian rooted family environment where the Churches had the main say. At a time where the minority and churches ruled, and African Spirituality was seen as the devil's work, witchcraft, and taboo. Where any "white" man seen to be "worshipping" the ancestors meant ostracization and blasphemy. But of course, the Gods had a sense of humor, and African spirituality was forced upon him by the powers that be. "Life means nothing unless it's a journey." The "calling" of the African Shaman is not for the faint-hearted nor for a "white" man who had never heard of "spiritualism." Sort after guest speaker now shares his personal experiences in African Spirituality, African Shamanism, Ancient African Celestial Skies, African Witchcraft to audiences around the world.

Now semi-retired and writing up a storm with 3 more books being published soon. Author, Adventurer, and Spiritual Advisor to Heads of Government, Kings, and Corporations. Currently living in a village named Clarens where the summers are beautiful, and the winters bring snow. Surrounded by mountains, nature, and rivers. This is where Africa's heartbeat pulsates.

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