Book Discovery: High in the Andes: A Spiritual Adventure Novel by William Michael Kaufman

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High in the Andes is a compelling story of an age-old spiritual journey..


Will sits in his compartment on the train, traversing the landscape of his own inner world as the train takes him away from the corporate world he has grown intolerant of recently. Before his last vacation, he was ambitious and goal oriented. Will wanted the success, prestige, and perks that came with the corporate package, but the Will who sits on the train now isn’t too sure about that kind of life anymore. The only thing he feels confident of is the peace slowly taking over him now and the sense of knowing what only his core understands. Lulled by the jerking movement of the train, between semi-sleep and waking consciousness, he is lost in a place of shifting landscapes and horizons and—

“May I join you?”

Paralyzed by fear yet driven by curiosity, Narada goes after the shadows and plummets into the bottom of the earth where there is a temple. He comes face-to-face with the Group of Esoteric, a group of twelve high priests and priestesses who awaited his return for 450 years. The group used to commune with the divine and give orders to the common priests who mingled with the people of the Andes 450 years ago, the time before Narada was separated from his soul mate and from the group.

A bewildered Narada tries to wake up from his dream but soon realizes that the temple and the group are real and that the mysteries of the Andes are a part of him, his past, and his future. As Narada allows himself to adjust to the high frequencies of his new (or old) world, he re-learns the history of the mountains and its people, until ready to reclaim his role in the group and fulfill his destiny, Narada embarks on a spiritual journey and starts his search for the harp player Adonara, his soul mate.

High in the Andes is a complex novel brimming with lessons in history, spiritual revelations, and inner conflict. As this dream within a dream unravels, so does the teachings of the ancients—teachings that involve energy, meditation, reincarnation, and other issues of interest and importance to the seeker of spiritual development. And the behest from so long ago still applies to modern man, something he cannot escape from any more can he escape from the energies of the universe. Will sits in his compartment on the train alone. It was a dream. If not for the proof on his lap that says somebody did join him. Yet Will sits in his compartment on the train. Alone.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" ...inspirational. intriguing and thought provoking to anyone who is a spiritual seeker...Wow! I highly recommend this book! Five Stars! " — Linda Roebuck, MA, Couseling Psychology

" There is such depth that further readings my reveal more." —Peggie O'Dea

"William Kaufman takes you on a journey that will delight, interest adn challenge you. Be prepared to grow." — Rosemary Bredeson, The Scientific Mystic

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High in the Andes: A Spiritual Adventure Novel by William Michael Kaufman

ISBN 978-1546223030

224 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

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William M. Kaufman has been an educator throughout his adult life. A student of spiritual philosophy and transpersonal psychology, Mr. Kaufman has also studied many of the world’s major religious traditions, and has been a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since 1977. He is a spiritual counselor, as well as a student and proponent of alternative forms of healing.

William is a Reiki Master, and a practitioner of Mari-El and Reiki energy healing. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, and has lived, studied and worked in Sweden, Brazil and Japan. He is fluent in Portuguese, and formerly fluent in Swedish, having completed his junior college year in Sweden. These international experiences helped increase his awareness of the diversity of cultural and healing practices that abound. Mr. Kaufman has a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, a master’s and doctorate in Comparative Education from The University of Chicago, and a master’s in counseling from West Virginia University. He is a licensed psychotherapist (, a certified Hypnotherapist, and also does substance abuse counseling. In addition, he brings to his practice past life regression therapy, having completed Dr. Brian Weiss’ professional training course. Dr. Kaufman has published in the Journal of Research in Education and delivered papers at several professional conferences. He is the recipient of a grant from the Mellon Foundation to deliver a paper at a world education conference held in Rio de Janeiro.

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