Book Talk: Business Chameleon: A Practical Guide to Success for Managers by László Károlyi

Book Talk: Business Chameleon: A Practical Guide to Success for Managers by László Károlyi_The BookWalker

A chameleon belongs to a distinctive and highly specialized clade of old world lizards that are known for their ability to change colors to adapt to their surroundings. Chameleons are also used to describe people who can adjust to their advantage in different, even challenging situations. The skill of being a chameleon comes in handy in various areas of life. One of the most crucial moments where the ability of being a chameleon is a do-or-die is in managing a business.

In his book, Business Chameleon, László Károlyi presents sixty brief stories that share the lessons from the successes that he has achieved and the mistakes that he has made over his thirty-year career. These stories are divided into four sections to coincide with the changing seasons. Each story begins with a salient quote followed by a story from the author’s own experiences, from books that he has read, or from a movie that he saw. Each story is concluded with lessons and insights that managers can apply to their own unique situations.

A manager is a person who has the ability to use the resources, no matter how limited, available to him to achieve the best possible results. They are put in many different situations that require them to shift gears constantly, to innovate, and to use their creativity. Managers are needed to adapt, to become chameleons.

This book prepares managers to become business chameleons. Through the stories and lessons in this book, Károlyi aims to develop managers to face the changing seasons in their careers, “for autumn, when the world is changing; for winter, when new solutions should be sought out; for spring, when its difficult to implement new ideas; and for summer, when its time to reap the rewards of hard work.”

Business Chameleon: A Practical Guide to Success for Managers by László Károlyi

ISBN 978-1491753415

228 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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László Károlyi has an impressive track record of strategic planning, business unit development, marketing, project and product management, manufacturing, and change management. He has worked with the Legrand Group and has been the CEO of Legrand Hungary since 2004. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering, an MBA, and various other degrees.

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