Book Discovery: Shadows of the Past by O. L. Brown

Book Discovery: Shadows of the Past by O. L. Brown_The BookWalker

What is the cost of redemption? Is asking for forgiveness enough? Can all wrongs be made right? What happens when the one who can grant forgiveness is forever gone? What if the past cannot be undone?

Shadows of the Past is a story about a man seeking redemption and forgiveness for the sins he committed two decades ago. Now, after 20 years, he returns to the place where he last left his dying wife to pursue a forbidden romance with another woman. He knows the challenge will be great, and the consequences of his doings did not disappear with time. But, he is willing to face them. On his way to redemption, he is met with the unexpected appearance of the woman he ran off with. He also chanced upon an irresistible little orphan girl who has shown him unconditional love and devotion. Both appearances bring him on and startling and unlikely path.

This second book by O.L. Brown is a story of a man’s repentance and his quest for redemption from his past. But, it is also a story of new beginnings and unconditional love found in the most unlikely places. Shadows of the Past is a heartwarming story that ponders upon the many twists and turns in life whether those changes happen through experiences from the outside or changes from within.

Shadows of the Past by O.L. Brown_The BookWalker

Shadows of the Past by O.L. Brown

ISBN 978-1982211776

220 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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O. L. Brown is retired from a career in the oil and gas exploration industry. He lives with his wife, JoAnn, in Mesa, Arizona during the winter, and in Highlands Ranch, Colorado during the summer months. He refers to his novels as “Happy Books.” They are written with a mild Christian theme to leave the reader pondering the vagaries of life and feeling happy and satisfied.

Please check O.L. Brown's other works; Northern Lights, ISBN 978-1519356703, Sappa Creek Road ISBN 978-1537535678, The Prairie Wind ISBN 978-1979111485, The Man from Wyoming ISBN 978-1727290714

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