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Love is both a blessing and a curse. It definitely feels that way for Roger, bent over his trusty Remington, heartbreaking over his loss, as his fingers try to express his grief .

The latest issue of Traveling Woman awaits seventy-four-year-old Margaret on her desk. She travels to escape her pain. She’s been to Paris, Alaska, the Arizona mountains, Florida, and she even bought a cabin in the lake, her new summer retreat, but she can’t flee forever. She knows as much, but four years after the death of her Lexter, the world still doesn’t make sense to Margaret. Fifty-six years together, how can she make life after that? Fifty-six years . . . She can’t remember what life was before Lexter, and she can’t find any reason to continue from here. She’s a beautiful woman who looks more like fifty-eight than seventy-four, but that doesn’t mean anything to her now. It doesn’t comfort her or inspire her since Lex’s passing.

Dear Harrietta . . .

The letter echoes in Margaret’s mind, a letter penned by a man now also without the love of his life. Finding the typewritten letter in the cemetery was serendipitous, but such are the ways of fate.

Did I love you enough, Harrietta?

Margaret wipes away tears streaming from her eyes. She wonders, “Did I love Lex enough to make his years worth all the pain the cancer caused in the end?”

My Dearest Harrietta . . .

Another letter. Somehow these letters were meant for Margaret though they were written for someone else. Harrietta’s only been gone for two years, but to Roger, every day without her feels like a decade. His only solace now is his pup Cassie and the old Remington typewriter where he pours his heart out. At seventy-two years old, Roger is a man without a purpose. Harrietta is—was—his world. Everything reminds him of her and her warm, endearing ways. All the lessons he learned in his lifetime never taught him how to survive this pain. It paralyzes him.

Where are you now? What is it, you see? Are you floating in the spirit world? Or are you resting right near me? I miss our talks . . .

The Perfect Kind of Imperfect is a painful story of how two people, well past their prime, draw strength from each other after losing the love of their lives. Jackie Adams talks about a love that lasts a lifetime and lessons only people who spent their lives with their destiny can teach us.

The Perfect Kind of Imperfect by Jackie Adams_The BookWalker

The Perfect Kind of Imperfect by Jackie Adams

ISBN 978-1532032257

78 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“Love the book! Ms. Adams has certainly got great potential for a new author!”

―Rodney Briscoe, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“Amazing story that proves that your never to old to have fun and fall in love.”

Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“What a beautiful, charming book! Full of hope in the face of loss. I loved it!”

―Terri Tyler, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

A touching story, The Perfect Kind of Imperfect will move you to tears.


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Jackie Adams is an emerging novelist. To date, she already has published two books; Trust and The Perfect Kind of Imperfect. After learning what the readers were saying about The Perfect Kind of Imperfect, she is encouraged to write more stories. She finds joy in knowing her stories bring encouragement and enjoyment to her readers. Jackie lives near Saint Louis with her teenage son, two dogs, and a cat.

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