Book Discovery: My Life and Spiritual Growth as a Military Spouse by Martha E. H. Franklin

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A military wife’s inspiring story about holding the fort down by the grace of God.


While there are myriad reference materials and forums to help military spouses prepare for military life, much is left undiscussed. Faith and spiritual life are rarely talked about—how you need God's unfailing grace to survive, because, in spite the excitement of seeing new places, seeing new faces and the promises of forever—together, nothing is ever easy about any marriage. Even more of a marriage to a military serviceman or woman.

Martha E. H. Franklin, author of My Life and Spiritual Growth as a Military Spouse, married Kyle, a first sergeant in the Marine Corps. At twenty-nine years old, her happily-ever-after was just beginning, and Martha was eager to play by the book and be a good military wife. When they received their first permanent changes of station (PCS) to New Orleans, Martha was the picture of an optimistic and supportive wife. She left her job at a Montessori school in Germantown, Maryland, anticipating to make new employment once they arrived in New Orleans, but New Orleans never happened. The PCS fell through, Kyle received a new set of orders, and Martha was frustrated and unemployed. Dependent now on one paycheck, their financial setbacks began, and they couldn’t stop the phone calls from the bank or deny the panic that started to grip them.

The financial setbacks were only a few of the challenges Martha had to brave through as a military spouse. Leaving a base or a city to move to another location means more than just packing and unpacking bags. It means starting all over again—getting new employment, making new friends, starting a new chapter again. This was especially stressful to Martha, but the loneliness of being left alone while Kyle was in another state or country for training or deployment and being without close friends or family was what she dreaded the most. A month before one of Kyle’s deployment to Okinawa, Martha lost her mother. It was the darkest time in her life, one she didn’t believe she would survive. On her knees, Martha turned to God for strength, and thus began her transformation.

Now a spiritual leader with a ministry of two hundred military spouses and civilians, Martha wishes to inspire other military spouses. In My Life and Spiritual Growth as a Military Spouse, she shares how God came through for her and how He has given her strength and resilience—graces everyone needs to hold down forts and win battles.

My Life and Spiritual Growth as a Military Spouse  Martha E. H. Franklin_The BookWalker

My Life and Spiritual Growth as a Military Spouse Martha E. H. Franklin

ISBN 978-1512762501

78 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

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Reviews and What Readers Say

“Very powerful and strengthen book. I enjoyed reading it. It was very inspiring and enlighten on the lives of the military spouses. I encourage all military spouses to read and share your experience with others.”

―Wanda Faye Brown, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

“ She writes about her experience, strength and hopes throughout her life struggles with her own testaments. This book allows us to grasp the life of a military spouses and see her growth increase with her higher power and gives some guidelines to those who need a spiritual uplifting. Excellent job on driving us to seek something bigger than ourselves to achieve spiritual growth.”

―Antonio Liddell, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Martha E. H. Franklin I grew up in Pensacola Fla. Indeed a beach girl, spending many days at Pensacola beach with her family. As a little girl, Marth always wished for more and dream big. She refers to it as "riding the waves of life."She shares the benefit of her personal development and the wisdom she gained even during my darkest days.

" Standing in the light now is a blessing and a gift from God. I walk in this light every day. I was a Military spouse who has overcome some difficult times in my life. This book teaches you a lot about how I healed myself. Spouses and Civilians, you will enjoy this book. No one knows where their journey ultimately ends, but I do know it begins with us."

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