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Encouraging religious self-help primer, a useful tool for youth group discussion.


William Lake, the author of Biblical Principles for Successful Living, acknowledges the challenge of writing a how-to book about something as comprehensive as living a meaningful and successful life. However, the disclaimer, if it can be called as such, is unnecessary. The book has the right combination of religious insights and practical day-to-day self-help techniques, enough to keep interested the young niche William has in mind and to propel them into action, which he says is the challenge of the genre—too many books and too little results.

The author opens with a pure motivation to keep going—an appropriate move given the discussion to follow. He follows up with a chapter entitled “Quick and Simple Bible Overview to Start,” a summary of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelations. This summary proves to be a good foundation for the following topics like marriage and relationships, miracles and healing, the quest for the divine, and understanding the purpose of our existence.

Drawing lessons from the experiences of two fictitious characters, Jim and John, the book affirms the role of faith and positive thoughts, words, and actions in order to reap the desired outcome—obviously not an original concept, but anyone beset by the nagging questions about life and the divine will find a fountain of ways to answer those with the help of this book. Questions like “What is my purpose?” and “Who is God?” are explored exhaustively, allowing the youth, whom the author had in mind when writing the book, to examine his or her own conscience or understanding. Furthermore, there are many snippets of wisdom to benefit from, like “Your specific purpose and how you will spend your life are decisions between you and God.”

Overall, the book’s message is amplified by the author’s simple and clear language, making a complex topic easy to digest. The author does not exaggerate and keeps a conversational, personable tone and a relatable appeal, but not without authority or inspiration.

Rich in spiritual insights, the principles in this book will help anyone find and achieve their life’s purpose. It’s easy to see why the author meant this book to help shape the perspective of the young generation today, but even those who are not so young anymore and need to reset their perspective will find this book a great source of guidance.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Well written wisdom, a great head start on life for a young person, and guidepost for those already well down life’s path. Wish I had read it as a teenager. "

— Keith Sellen, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" I think one of the most rewarding aspects of reading comes from being prepared for things that you have never encountered before because you have been imparted wisdom from those that have. That is what you're getting from this book. A lifetime of experience and a roadmap to avoid treacherous paths on the journey of life. It is also written with evidence demonstrated throughout the bible, so you can be sure the principals gained from this book come from a rock solid foundation.

The ideal person to receive this book is someone who is approaching the stage of their life where they begin to pull away from the guidance and presence of their parents and start the journey of self awareness and individualization. The two most obvious examples for me are those who are going off to college and those who are getting married. Each of these big moments in life will invariably expose you to challenges that you have never faced before and having some insight prior to encountering these moments can make all the difference."

— Joshua Davis, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" This is an excellent book filled with practical Godly wisdom. It is written with the heart of a loving father who wants to prepare his child for life. Great gift for anyone starting out in life or for a parent or grandparent needing help putting life lessons into words to pass on to their loved ones. Our nation is in desperate need of mentorship and this book is a fantastic tool to mentor the next generation. I highly recommend it. "

— Bill H, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" I highly recommend this book, especially for young people preparing to graduate high school and/or in college. Bill uses numerous scriptural references to highlight how to live a Christ-like life, make good choices, and prepare oneself to face a world full of challenges."

— Manuel JF Hernandez, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Biblical Principles for Successful Living: Discovering Your Purpose and the Tools to Accomplish It by William Lake

ISBN 978-1973649960

192 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Note from the Author:

I wanted to write a book that could help young people have hope again for a bright future. Since there have been so many efforts at removing God from our lives, I felt it necessary to offer a short tutorial on what life is all about. I enjoyed a 26-year career serving in the Military as an Army Aviator and Acquisition Project Manager. Upon retirement, I served as a Director/Vice President in a small Aerospace company, followed by supporting Army Programs while employed in a University setting. I am a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point; the Army War College and obtained an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. I am married to my wife Melanie, and we have four children.

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