Book-In-Focus: Mass Awakening by Shoshi Herscu

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Mass Awakening is a well-researched exposé full of shocking revelations. It is indeed darkest before the dawn.


Shoshi Herscu, the author of Mass Awakening, is an independent investigative journalist. She once worked for the IT magazine PCON, a leading magazine for CTOs and CIOs in major companies and organizations in Israel. It was at this time when she wrote insightful, in-depth articles on a wide array of advanced technologies and interviewed opinion leaders in the Israeli hi-tech arena. She also worked as the content manager of Israeli, the international Israeli agriculture portal. Shoshi's line of work led her to discover a plan that is against humanity. " In 2013, I discovered there is a hidden agenda which is against humanity and earth in general. At first, I totally ignored such posts in my newsfeed on Facebook. However, after a few months, as an independent investigative journalist and an activist for many years, I suddenly realized that what I thought to be far fetched is true. I found so much evidence to this that it was overwhelming, shocking."

Following a trail, she stumbled upon covert topics like geoengineering, chemtrails, solar radiation management, and global depopulation agenda. These concepts seemed too farfetched to be possible even to a journalist like Herscu, so she pushed them out of her mind until unreported strange phenomena made her take a more-curious second look. Eventually, her research led her to people also seeking the truth, to whistleblowers and conspiracy theories, and to in-depth information from books and online sources. Among the chilling information, she uncovered is Agenda 21, a plan devised by the United Nations (UN) to depopulate 95 percent of the world population by 2030. Indeed, such a covert plan is too impossible to achieve, but the UN’s “comprehensive plan of action” as stated on its website—which includes vaccines, irradiated food, fluoridation of water supplies, GMOs by the group that David Wilcock calls the 'Cabal', and other means termed as “sustainable development”—and media distractions like climate change and false terror alerts cannot to be lightly dismissed. The survival of the fittest has become a reality decreed by those in power, whether we believe it or not.

However, everything is not lost to the “dark hats,” as Herscu calls powerful secret groups and governments. Among her discoveries is the hope emanating from “white hats,” the good guys worldwide who are involved in dismantling the elite power structure bent on eliminating most of mankind. Unknown to most of us, a massive struggle is going on behind the scenes between the dark and the light forces, and an ongoing spiritual awakening toward a positive shift is simultaneously taking place. Herscu hopes that, by educating the people about our real reality and by giving them hope, more will become involved in stopping dark plans from happening, and the mass awakening of people will tip the scale in favor of light and life.

It does sound like fiction, but Mass Awakening is an account of real and documented plans of action. They are as real as the extraterrestrial life we’ve always believed to be true and primarily denied by the powers that be. Shoshi Herscu is thorough with her research and provides footnotes for further readings. She hopes this book will start our own awakening. It may be darkest before the dawn, but the truth will always set us free.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" While the revelations of corporate, government, and “Cabal” malfeasance over the last fifty years and their insidious agendas for the future—like depopulating the planet by 95% by 2030—is shocking, what makes this book even more appealing is the author’s personal journey from ignorance of these agendas to her awakening to the truth. Moreover, I might add, to fighting back through well-researched disclosures like hers. However, she doesn’t stop there, knowing the emotional distress this may cause her readers; she tells of the practices that have helped her cope in the past few years, with further recommendations of other healing practices. Also, she delves into the “mass awakening” happening today on planet Earth and how we are reclaiming what has been stolen from humanity. Rarely do socio-political books also include the psychological and spiritual side of their reporting. Ms. Herscu does that and more. Highly recommended."

— Bookworks Ltd, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Shoshi Herscu has done something wonderful and unique here. She has correctly infiltrated the cabals' agenda, the greater picture of soul ascention, and tied everything together with a bow. Then, her positive message for humanity leaves tge reader feeling like he has had an epiphany."

— Andy Kirsch, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" This is a book for everyone! For those who are awake and for those beginning their process of awakening.For those who are not aware of the topics discussed in this book, it is an extremely helpful guide to bring many hidden topics to light. For those who are knowledgeable about the topics discussed, you may find new material from the author's rich source of footnotes and references which appear at the end of every chapter.I read the book wanting to know what this author had to say about the various hidden forces controlling our reality. I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth and scope of her book. While I was aware of all of the points mentioned and most of her sources, there was material in her text and one footnote referring to material I had never come across before. This one footnote was invaluable to me as it referenced material from a spiritual perspective which, for me, was extremely exciting. Thank you Shoshi for bringing this information to light for me."

— Naomi S.

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Mass Awakening by Shoshi Herscu

ISBN 978-1982208554

280 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Shoshi has an MBA degree from the University of Humberside in Hull, England, and is a graduate (BA degree in English linguistics and special education) of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She has worked as a journalist for PCON magazine, which is an IT magazine for CIOs and CTOs in major companies and organizations in Israel. In this position, she wrote in-depth articles on a wide array of advanced technologies, such as encryption, the Dark Net, analytic tools, protecting the corporate website.

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