Book Talk: Between Two Seas by Robert Alan Ward

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Between Two Seas is a thought-provoking spiritual odyssey.


“In essence, there are only two religions in this world. One exalts God, while the other amounts to our attempt to glorify ourselves. There is God, and there is Satan. There is light, and there is darkness. There is salvation by grace through faith in the completed work of Christ, and there is our futile attempt to be our own savior.” These beautiful words sum up the principles espoused by Robert Alan Ward in Between Two Seas. These words come alive in Melitene, an island often plagued with diseases of the flesh, the mind, and the spirit.

The new propraetor Trebonius knows his assignment to Melitene is a demotion. The island is a dreadful place, his official orders say so, and the captain of the Minerva confirmed it. The Minerva loads and unloads cargos and passengers in haste when in the port in Miletene, staying less than a day, fearful of the maladies found in the island. The people of the island are friendly enough, but they are too poor and often without care for sanitation, which often causes the diseases that plague the island.

The princeps expect Trebonius to turn Melitene around into an exceptional destination. At forty-one, Trebonius feels the weight of his order on his already-stooped back, and it diminishes his fighting spirit even more, but pressing on, Trebonius seeks the counsel of two leading Melitenians, Alacerius and Solon. When Trebonius gives Alacerius power to rule the land in his stead, Alacerius begins implementing his program of atheism, corruption of morals, coerced population control, and imprisonment or worse for all who oppose him, like Solon, imprisoned for believing and preaching that the way to save the Melitenians is by seeking a uniform set of laws that spring from faith in one Supreme Being, not from whims of lesser gods or from societal fads.

Unknown to Alacerius, Publius, the son of Trebonius, lives incognito among the Melitenians and periodically sends reports to Trebonius about the welfare of the people. Publius soon meets Amoenitas and Eletia, two sisters eager to make a life away from the farm they grew up on. Together, they discover dark secrets, learn about a prophetic dream, and witness historical events that affect the world to this day. Publius becomes the man his father always wants to be.

Author Robert Alan Ward neatly tied the story together in the end, emphasizing biblical and historical events and highlighting faith in one Supreme God without unnecessary preaching. Robert is a master storyteller who pays keen attention to details and makes the world of Melitene easily believable. His characters are real reflections of our society, and his message is a resounding one: “There is light, and there is darkness.” Light always prevail in the end.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Once it was revealed there was a prophetic dream to be fulfilled, I found it to be a puzzle that kept me guessing. Knowing it was historically and Biblically based, I tried to fit it into the Biblical prophecies I was familiar with to no avail. Yet in the end, when all the pieces came together, I was impressed with how the historical parts fit in so well to the truth in the Bible. Once I started the book, I found I didn't want to put it down. Of course, I had to, as it was too long for one sitting, but I found myself drawn back again and again each time I had a spare moment to read. I liked the sketches throughout the book, but even more so when they were enlarged on their own page at the back."

— Victoria, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" A thoroughly enjoyable novel with a good story line. The characters as well as the settings have been well developed. I love the illustrations which are originals and beautifully done. Another plus, the book gives the reader much to think about even after they've finished reading."

— L. Leichtfuss, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

Book Talk: Between Two Seas by Robert Alan Ward_The BookWalker

Between Two Seas by Robert Alan Ward

ISBN 978-1982208554

330 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

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Robert Alan Ward served in the United States Air Force from 1969-1972 before earning a B.S. in Christian Education from San Diego Christian College. A twenty-seven-year career with the United Parcel Service followed. Now retired, he lives in Show Low, Arizona with his wife Gisela. He loves to spend time with his five children and twelve grandchildren.

Bob writes from a decidedly biblical Christian worldview. His passion is to communicate truth to a confused world through compelling stories. He has twelve published drama titles to his credit, which are performed all over the English-speaking world. His other published books include Delivered out of the Lions Mouth (assisting F.L.M. Khokhar), Through Fear and Trembling (co-authored with David Ross), The Lifestyle Shoppe, and Forged from the Wilderness.

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