Book-In-Focus: Poetry You Can Live Your Life By by Kathleen Lomba

June 27, 2019



A beautiful collection of free verse and daily reminders to enjoy moments as they come along.



Every day, the universe pens beautiful poetry far more enthralling than all the magic of the greats combined. Life itself is poetry.








Many overlook this beauty every morning, rushing to meet life head-on, without affirmation or petition. Without pause.


Author Kathleen Lomba talks about life in Poetry You Can Live Your Life By. Free from the need to impress anyone with her free verse, the most that she hopes for is to inspire someone—anyone—to stop and smell the roses.


Or pause the moment they’re out the door in the morning and look up and truly know that, beyond the fairest blue or the grayest sky, Someone is watching and listening to every prayer and petition.


Or maybe love a little more deeply. Without expectations or conditions. But love just because. Love is poetry in another form.




Yes, Lomba has a very strong desire to make her collection go down in history as a bestseller, reaching the Number One bestseller chart. Kathleen Lomba's hard work, her struggles, her successes that she has documented will help you appreciate your own poetry. Because you are poetry.


What she wants is to touch your life, your heart, and your soul.


True to its title, Poetry You Can Live Your Life By is a collection of beautiful lines about life, love, and faith. Heralded by readers as a rich volume full of meaningful words, Lomba’s philosophy shines through in her work. It is rich in form and flow, yet full of practical lessons to guide you daily. It includes thoughts about all the holidays celebrated in the United States. Many do not understand how these holidays came about, and Lomba addresses that in her collection.



Reviews and What Readers Say


" A beautiful collection of free verse and daily reminders to enjoy moments as they come along."


— Amy Alcott, The BookWalker 






Poetry You Can Live Your Life By by Kathleen Lomba

ISBN 978-1436351409

44 Pages 

Reviewed by Amy Alcott



Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.





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Kathleen Marie Lomba, is a freelance author and poet, presently located in Rohnert Park, California. Since 2008, Kathleen has been writing poetry, teaching, and publishing works of fiction, novels, and non-fiction as both an acknowledged author and ghost-writer. Her recent work, Poetry you can Live your Life By, is heralded as a "rich (volume) with meaningful and momentous words that will bring (the reader) closer to love and renewed faith."


This collection of poems features free-flowing language, with beautiful renditions of word-play and peaceful meditations. Kathleen's goal when creating the book was to touch the soul, enlighten and stir emotions, and move the reader toward a more spiritual existence. That philosophy is deeply engrained in the fabric of all her endeavors, including her many philanthropic pursuits. In addition to an active profile within the community and her support of numerous projects for the impoverished, Kathleen maintains a prominent role in her church. When she is not engaged in altruistic activities or writing, she enjoys travel, cruises, dancing, cooking, walking, and exercising.



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