Book Talk: Bosnian Phoenix: How Bosnia Saved Europe and Made Possible the Modern Age by Miljan Peter

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Bosnian Phoenix provides an in-depth intellectual perspective into the cultural, military, and religious history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


For ages, Bosnia has defended their nation and the rest of Europe against the Turks’ numerous attacks. It is a credit to the courage and fortitude of their people and their leaders to have stood their ground even in the bloodiest attacks. In many ways, the history of this nation is laden with accounts of courage such as this.

Bosnian Phoenix: How Bosnia Saved Europe and Made Possible the Modern Age by author Miljan Peter Ilich is an informative and entertaining read that details the often forgotten history of a nation that has had an impactful influence on the history of Europe and the world. Many events in the history of Bosnia is often overlooked or forgotten. This lack of remembrance and selective historical memory is politically motivated.

Ilich also addresses the myths about Bosnia and the underlying realities that it has eclipsed. Illch aims to discuss and dissect the often forgotten history of Bosnia—its multiethnic society, its leaders that changed the course of history, the country’s evolution through from its roots, and what all these meant to the rest of the world.

Time and time again, Bosnia has risen from its ashes like a phoenix. Bosnia did not only survive, but it also flourished. Amidst the blood and destruction, Bosnia continued to develop its identity and create its cultural amalgam. This book examines the political, cultural, religious, and even the political influences that built the Bosnian identity through the ages.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This is a solid reference novel that will fill out your knowledge of Bosnia. But more so also the surrounding areas as well as the interconnection between the groups. This book takes you to a little known part of Europe, it explains cultural significance and forgotten histories. It explains myths and legends.

I bought this because I needed some information about the Turkish influence on Bosnia. But I have always interested in how the world became what it is. This book helps to fill out the gaps by explaining the middle ground where the middle east met the west. I found myself constantly surprised as I learned new things about the past and about Europe.

I have to mention that this is a very long book, it’s solid reference material for scholars. People studying will find this a valuable book to own. I would also recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Europe. But for most people this would be a best read over time and not in a single bound. I think this may be one of the best books I’ve read in a while and I will be sure to pass my recommendation on to others."

— Mr P, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" As a history buff by nature, I have always enjoyed studying different cultures throughout the world; but in reading this book, I was thoroughly impressed by the author's organization and expertise on the subject matter and I must give credit where credit is due. Dr. Ilich provides his readers with a highly intellectual, beautifully written, in-depth historical account of the little known country of Bosnia. There are so many countries that we laypeople know little more about other than what the present day media brings us by way of the network news within stories of world conflict – and Bosnia has certainly not been a stranger to those stories as a European ally. In this book, the author provides an extremely detailed and rich narration of Bosnia's history, its multi-cultural society and the tremendous struggles that its people have fought for and endured (and continue to endure) in order to maintain their independence as a country and freedom of religion. With each chapter, we learn about the tremendous impact that other countries have pressed upon Bosnia's government, economy, land, culture and religions, as well as stories of dramatic development that are so artfully depicted in words that one could easily imagine them made into a movie. In my humble opinion, this work could absolutely serve as a textbook for studying Bosnia. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the country, whether they are a leisurely history buff like myself or someone who is studying global culture as part of their education."

— Loni, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" This is a well researched, comprehensive look into the forging of a nation, starting from Serbian beginnings and carefully unfolding through an incredible history into what Bosnia has become today. Now, I will admit that I don’t know much about most European countries past some basic knowledge, compounded by whatever I’ve seen make headlines in international news. Because of this, I was not informed on this subject or its modern implications before reading this book, and pretty much went in blind. However, at no point did I feel lost or confused, and I was able to follow along quite easily. Ilich’s true knowledge and skill really shines through with this, as the mark of a masterful historian is not what they know, but how well they are able to teach. Though it technically can be called a textbook, it never read like one. Granted, this isn’t a quick read (and you should not expect it to be) but the time invested in this will definitely be time well spent. Ilich also covers a lot of ‘unconventional’ history- interesting trivia and other viewpoints of certain events that you generally would not learn in a typical classroom setting- as well as other facts that simply surprised me, like the Bosnia specific religion Bogomilism! I feel like now I know enough to give a factual talk about the history of Bosnia, as well as actually understand how the current political climate can affect other European countries of similar standing. I never expected to become so invested in the struggles and triumphs of the Bosnian people, but I am glad I did. "

— Carolina A, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Bosnian Phoenix: How Bosnia Saved Europe and Made Possible the Modern Age by Miljan Peter Ilich is a very detailed non fiction book about the historical importance of the country Bosnia. It contains twenty two chapters of in depth info., detailed history, and stories about past rulers. I do not believe you will find a more detailed collection of info. about this country. If this is a subject you are interested in, this is the book for you!

I find the subject matter very interesting. Bosnia is a little known South Slavic province in the former Yugoslavia. The area now consists of Slovenia (the country where Melania Trump was born), Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina (which is smack in the middle), Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia. Kosovo is the capital of Serbia. I recognized these names, unfortunately because of the fighting that has been going on for some time in these areas. I personally remember Bill Clinton sending troops (and threatening bombs) in the late 90s to help this crisis.

Ilich explains that there are a number of claims about the true origin of Bosnia Herzegovina. The area has been conquered by other nations so many times. Serbians believe that Bosnia is part of Greater Serbia and denies any true Bosnian culture. Bosnian Muslims are nothing more than Turkish occupiers of Serbian territory. Croatians claim almost all of Bosnia as part of Croatia. But even being repeatedly conquered couldn’t stop a unique Bosnian identity and culture from growing and being explored in this educational book."

— Janelle Fila, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Bosnian Phoenix: How Bosnia Saved Europe and Made Possible the Modern Age

ISBN 978-1532045936

300 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

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Miljan Peter Ilich earned a juris doctor from New York University and a PhD from City University of New York and is professor emeritus of law and history at the Technical Career Institute in New York City where he founded the TCI Law Review. Ilich has produced many documentaries, is an ongoing featured panelist of Activism for Peace in Israel and Palestine at the Left Forum Conferences, and has contributed to many publications. His dissertation on International Law is used by Universities and International organizations around the world. Ilich currently lives in Astoria, New York.

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