Book Discovery: The Last Day of Regret by Matthew J Diaz

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The death of a loved one can change a person forever. However, it is not the singular event of dying that causes change. Instead, it is the life that has been lived and the purpose that it served, whether completed in that lifetime or not, that has made the difference.

In The Last Day of Regret, Matthew Diaz reflects on the life and the tragic death of his sister, Hannah. His sister always had a challenging personality, and it had taken a toll on their relationship. Hannah was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at 14.

Mental disorders are always painful for the sufferers and arduous to their loved ones. The Last Day of Regret is a chronicle of Hannah’s life told through the perspective of her brother. It is an honest account of the years Hannah has succumbed to her illness and its destructive symptoms. He talks about the years leading up to his sister’s in a frank yet compassionate manner. He also reflects on his own mistakes truthfully and in accordance with his beliefs as a Christian.

Through this book, Diaz details his and his family’s journey into losing a loved one — the pain, guilt, and the complicated process of healing from it. There is much that can be learned through the life and death of Hannah. It is a glimpse behind the closed doors of a family whose loved one is a victim of mental illness. More than that, this is also a story of healing..

Reviews and What Readers Say

" An immensely bittersweet book about the big questions of life that naturally occur when faced with death. Matt Jo pays a great homage to his sister in this raw and honest story. He grapples with the fundamental questions of why and ultimately comes up with a renewed purpose for his own life, carrying his sister’s memory and ministry into his own. It’s beautiful to see how God has used such a terrible tragedy to affect so many lives for good. A must read for anyone who has experienced a death of a some one close or will experience it (so everyone). I left this book sharing in my friend’s loss but filled with expectant hope. I can think of no better way to honor a Daughter of the King."

— Matthew Swaby, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" This book was recommended to me by a friend. Honestly, the first half of the book I struggled with. Not because of the writing but because it evoked an emotion in me that I honestly didn't like much. First, I didnt like the main character's (author's) behavior and second I felt like he could have been describing me in some of my relationships. Me not liking him was about the conviction of my heart.About half way through the book, actually when the emotionally painful part of the story was told, I couldn't put it down. Although the sadness and heartbreak was real, the author was able to always fill the story with hope! God taught Matt Jo lessons about himself and his sister through the pain yet He also constantly revealed that He (God) was with him and Hannah through every step of their story. This story brings hope to the reader. I am so glad I read it to the end."

—Shawn Winiecki, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" Wonderfully written, heart wrenching and honest account of a family in trial and grief."

—M.C., Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

" A great read that pushed me to an understanding beyond my own emotions and into a glorious picture of redemption and hope. The imagery and storytelling was captivating in this book. I found myself in conflict on whether to slowly read each chapter of regret to best empathize with the author or quickly arrive at the day of last regret to save myself the emotional pain. Either way, you will find an end and a beginning that you will not regret."

—BrettI, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

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The Last Day of Regret by Matthew J Diaz

ISBN 978-1973657408

210 Pages

Reviewed by Kyrstle Manis

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Matthew J. Diaz currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, with his wife and four kids. He holds his B.S. in Social Studies Secondary Education and his M.A. in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has been volunteering, interning, and working full-time as a youth director starting in 2001. He was officially ordained as a pastor in 2011 and continues to minister to teenagers in various settings. Currently, he is a Bible Teacher at Northwest Christian School, teaching the New Testament Epistles for 11th-grade students.

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