Book Talk: I Am Kensley Carpenter and I Came to Play by W L Stone

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W.L. Stone gives young readers a magnificent glimpse on the beauty of life and the blessings of unselfish love freely given by our creator—no matter the faith.

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A delightful collection of biblical stories told from the perspective of a young girl named Kensley.

W. L. Stone’s book I Am Kensley Carpenter and I Came to Play is about young Kensley’s adventures and the stories she learned from the Bible. Like other kids of about four to five years, Kensley loves to play pretend with her Barbies and with other children. Kensley particularly loves playing with her cousin Dusty, but what she enjoys the most are the stories about Jesus that she learns from the Bible and her mom,Kirsten.

One day, Kensley and Kirsten visit Dusty and his mother, Destiny. On their way, they pass by a river, which immediately reminds Kensley of Jesus walking on water. Her mommy read her that story, and she remembers it very well, just like she remembers her other stories.

As soon as they pull up to Dusty’s house, Kensley climbs out of the car and runs to Dusty. They go to the sand pile and start playing with a truck and a car. They pretend Dusty is the truck driver, and Kensley is a lady on her way to the beach. They go on playing like that for a few hours before they are called for lunch.

While eating their lunch of ham sandwiches, strawberry cakes, corn chips, and iced tea, Kensley tells Dusty the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people out of two fishes.Dusty loves Kensley’s stories, and this story is just as amazing as her other Jesus stories. When Kensley finishes her story, Dusty claps his hand and says, “Jesus is so great.” Kensley couldn’t agree more with Dusty. Indeed, Jesus is great.

On their ride home later that day, Kensley thinks about other beautiful stories about Jesus. These stories are all in the Bible, but some children haven’t heard of them because neither their teachers nor their parents tell them these stories. Sadly, they don’t know about Jesus and his amazing love for us.

W. L. Stone wrote I Am Kensley Carpenter and I Came to Play to inspire little children to get to know Jesus. Most schools don’t teach the Bible anymore, and W. L. Stone strongly feels the need to do so again to teach young children a moral standard that they can use well into their adult lives. He believes that the social and political upheaval we are experiencing as a country can be solved once we turn back to the Bible. Our forebears did so, notably when they penned the Constitution. Children should have a solid foundation rooted in faith, so they don’t go astray. W. L. Stone hopes Kensley inspire parents, teachers, and kids to learn the stories about Jesus in the Bible.

Reviews and What Readers Say

I liked the whole book it's a great read and teaching tool for kids of all ages whose parents want to teach them about " Jesus"

—Luther Lazar, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

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I Am Kensley Carpenter and I Came to Play by W L Stone

ISBN 978-1796027723

48 Pages

Review by Angela Danielson

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Born in Floyd county Kentucky and later moved to Wolcottville Indiana a place he always called his home town. It's a small town with nice people in Noble county Indiana. W.L. is the owner of a music publishing company called Amy-For-Tunes in 2000. He wrote the song called the Last American Rebels that was about the birth of rock and roll and the people who made rock and roll happen. It had eight Grammy nominations.

From the author

I never won a Grammy but the nomination was great I've been in movie or two nothing big and I have been in a few music videos and was even the star of the Rebel video.I was also a song writer for years which I keep doing to this day I had songs published by Loretta Lynns Coal Miners music in Nashville,TN and a R&B Label known as Goldwax in Atlanta ,GA but Jesus has to be first in my life and that's the reason for this christian book for kids so they can learn about Jesus that is one and only reason for writing it.

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