Book Discovery: The Other Side: A Lifeline of Hope to Those on the Shore of Despair by Erica Harms

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The Other Side by Erica Harms. " This book rings of encouragement and faith, a real gem."


“Time does not heal all wounds. Time is not a healer; God is.”

In The Other Side: A Lifeline of Hope to Those on the Shore of Despair, author Erica Harms becomes a beacon of hope for those struggling to forever heal the wounds of the past.

“I was sexually abused.” The confession was out of place in a café full of patrons craving for their afternoon lattes. In a corner, Erica must have been a sight, crying unabashedly for hours, shaking visibly to her core, clutching tightly the arms of the mentor who was there to listen and comfort. But none of the stares she must have elicited mattered. After years of holding back her tears and reining in her fears, that afternoon was a welcomed relief—she was finally free from her secret.

Her relief, however, was not a suture that closed the wound for good. On the contrary, the wound bled profusely for days to come. It led to sleepless nights or nightmares on nights when she did manage to sleep. Her depression paralyzed her so that she couldn’t eat, mingle with others, or trust anyone at all. Sometimes, lost in her awful memories, she had to be physically reminded where she was at the present. She was desperate to completely heal and move on from her past, but the proverbial healing process took its time. In fact, her apartment was robbed days after her confession, violating Erica, exposing her wound once again. Only one thing kept her going: God.

The Word of God was—and still remains—her constant. Erica remembered the apostle Peter shouting, “Hold on! This trial is just showing off your faith.” And she did. She clung to her faith and God’s promise of salvation. In the book, Erica highlights Romans 10:9: “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

It did not happen overnight, but little by little, her wound was healed, and Erica was saved. She does not necessarily have all the answers to her questions, but she learned an important lesson about God’s faithfulness to those who believe in him. She was never truly alone throughout her trials. The Good Lord was holding her all along.

These are the lessons readers will glean from her book, The Other Side: A Lifeline of Hope to Those on the Shore of Despair. It is easy to read, authentic, compelling—a reminder that hope is real. Lastly, Erica wants God to be seen in the details of her healing—He who gave peace to her broken pieces. Indeed, God, not time, heals all wounds.

Reviews and What Readers Say

"When we take off the masks that hide us from one another, maybe we'll find we're not so alone. And maybe, just maybe, we'll remember that we serve a God whose own scars, bruises, and brokenness became our salvation. If I didn't know brokenness, then how could I know wholeness? If I hadn't experienced sorrow, how could I ever appreciate joy? And if I never acknowledged the raging storms I had survived, how would I ever have known the safety and peace on the other side?"If I could sum this book up in a few words, it would be....YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I am thankful for Erica's willingness to be vulnerable and honest. In sharing her weaknesses, hurts, triumphs, and dark days, she has allowed her readers to finally feel that "someone else understands me." We all have our storms that we are trekking through, and we all live in a culture that teaches us to hide our suffering. Not Erica. She empowers her readers by showing the storm and suffering in order to highlight the light on The Other Side."

— Jenny Ozborn, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to be encouraged through any circumstance of life. So much wisdom compacted in one easy-to-read book. The author shares her life experiences and how God is able to meet your every need. Indeed He is! Thanks for the reminder, Erica!"

— Sharon Baldwin, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Wish I could put into words what this book has meant to me.. In a very dark time in my life, this book has given me hope. To anyone going through a rough time who needs reminded that God is with you - buy this book..."

— KAS, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Though my circumstances are completely different than those of the author, I felt all of the same fear and questions at different times in my life.Her story, her encouraging voice, and the strength of her faith ring clearly throughout every page.She is a fighter, and her authentic vulnerability will provide comfort to many.I highly recommend the book to anyone whose life hasn’t been perfect.So— you know— anyone."

— meredithdukemusic, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" The author unfolds her story with a gracious spirit but at the same time with an intensity that helps those in hard places understand the path she has traveled and the strong hand of Almighty God that has been on her. The Other Side: A Lifeline of Hope to Those on the Shore of Despair, will not disappoint readers who are struggling with life challenges."

— MimiJanie, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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The Other Side: A Lifeline of Hope to Those on the Shore of Despair by Erica Harms

ISBN 978-1973651956

128 Pages

Reviewed by Vera Hanley

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Erica Harms is a licensed professional counselor, who only found herself in that line of work after surviving her own series of traumatic situations. After a decade of writing and traveling as a dramatist around the world, Harms took a different direction working more closely with hurting individuals in the counseling setting. Harms lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee and is a mom to one.

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