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Beautifully written, the kind of stories that make you fall in love again.

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He found her on a night that started just like many other nights.

He—Drew—is a war veteran who recently returned home. His best friend, George, will take him to the new hot spot in their area. George is an outgoing guy who gets on remarkably well with anybody, including girls—especially girls—and tonight, he wants to introduce Drew to some.

They head over to the White House, a three-level old mansion by the lake that has been remodeled to a hip and happening place where singles and couples dance, drink, or plainly to hang out. Like any other nights, the White House is full with music blaring loudly from speakers, drinks flowing endlessly, and a packed dance floor—except on the third floor, where a few couples prefer to talk the night away. The night is, really, just like any other night.

Drew spots them at the back deck overlooking the lake. Drew and George, later on, learn their names, Jackie and Sarah. Jackie always manages to be the brightest light in a room, drawing the male moths to her, but not Drew. Something about Sarah calls out to him. Perhaps it’s her natural beauty accentuated by no makeup or her conservative full-length summer dress that showed off just enough. Now, only if there’s a way to pry her from Jackie’s company.

Before the night is over, they find themselves on the third floor, swaying to soft music, lost in each other’s eyes. How did they get here, in each other’s arms? They did not know it then—or perhaps they did. The heart knows many things the mind often denies or ignores—but they were on the verge of something beautiful. Indeed, how many ordinary nights have led to fascinating stories?

From that night, Sarah and Drew’s story takes on a familiar flight, one everybody who has ever been in love knows by heart. Stories of Love: Thoughts of Love reminds us how it feels to be drawn to someone for the very first. It takes us back to relive our first dates when new love has the power to make us tremble with nervous anticipation, when the first kiss opens up a whole new world to explore. When loving someone feels so good that you couldn’t imagine how you survived without for so long, when love makes the world a happy place despite the possible pitfalls and traps ahead, despite a possible heartache.

Author Luchi Penna reflects, “Love is like an ocean, endless and all-consuming.” Indeed.

Reviews and What Readers Say

"Absolutely fabulous book...I found myself so involved in the characters in the stories...and the emotions..Wow..a must read..loved it thank you Luchi."

—Barbara J. Cohn, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

" Luchi Penna has somehow captured the emotion and feeling that all of us have for the one that we love. From the first date, to the first kiss, to look in the rear view mirror, The author has successfully captured the passion and depth of feelings all of us have for that special someone. This collection of short stories gives us all an opportunity to re-kindle our emotions and remind us just how important love is in our lives. BRAVO LUCHI!"

—Ken Smith, Amazon Client, Verified Purchase

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Stories of Love: Thoughts of Love by Luchi Penna

ISBN 978-1079780758

134 Pages

Reviewed by Amy Alcott

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Luchi Penna is a true romantic that writes with emotion and compassion. He strives to bring his characters to life and expose their feelings by developing relationships and unmasks the basic emotions of being in love. Penna’s writing style makes readers feel as though they are a part of the story, becoming invested in the characters and their story of love. His “Thoughts of Love “are musings on love that will touch every reader and evoke memories of personal experiences.

From the Author:

As an incurable romantic I believe love is an unexplained experience that has no reason and cannot be controlled. It is that incredible feeling of excitement that new love brings and poets write of that we all seek. But love can fade without romance. Yet all too often romance seems to get lost in the flurry of everyday activates of work or child-rearing.

I write in hopes of bringing awareness to those in love so they won’t take love for granted and to restore the faith in love to those that have lost love.

“Stories of Love” tells four stories of love. Of new love found, of love lost and the struggle to allow love back into a life, of love being taken for granted and the realization of the cost of losing that love and finally of love that lasts the test of time.

I’ve included some of my musings on love, I hope you’ll find them thought provoking.

“Love cannot be willed or taught, for

Love is the magic that makes stars twinkle,

the moon shine and the sun warm.”

Be in Love,

Luchi Penna

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