Book Discovery: A Moment in Time by Lyn Marill

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Life is comprised of moments that shape the way we feel or think about the future. Moments, big and small, help form the entirety of our lives. However, it only takes one moment to change a life forever. A Moment in Time by Lyn Marill is a story about these moments; a story of a woman who has had to face a loss that would go on to define the rest of her life.

For then 19-year-old Micaela, this moment was losing the love of her life, Connor. With 'Connor's leaving, Micaela also lost her passion. For the past thirty years, through making it through broadway and becoming a successful actress, Micaela has become an expert of pretending that the nagging pain of her painful past did not exist. However, one can only run for so long. Micaela sabotages her career to build what to her resembles a normal life.

But, another moment has changed her life once again. Her seemingly ordinary life is disrupted when she learns that she has cancer. As she grapples with her new reality, Connor comes back into her life through her dreams. These dreams take her back to the unforgettable moments with the love of her life.

A Moment in Time is a story of an enduring love even when the object of that affection is already gone. It tells about the struggles that one has to face when the life that they have envisioned is shattered in just one moment.

Reviews and What Readers Say

"Really well written, emotions flowing"

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Book Discovery: A Moment in Time by Lyn Marill_The BookWalker

A Moment in Time by Lyn Marill

ISBN 978-1532069260

350 Pages

Reviewed by Krystle Manis

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Lyn Marill is a cardio screening technician who holds degrees in interior design and holistic health care. She has written several articles for natural health magazines focusing on women's issues. Marill lives with her husband and dog, Katie, in a suburb outside Toronto. This is her first novel.

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