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“Pain has become a hobby, and I wallow in it.” Author Michael Lux talks about his dark past and the light that has transcended his present in his book Spiraling into Control.

Lux does not preach from a high horse. He opens the book talking about his vulnerability, his dysfunctional family, and his earliest memory of bullying at four years old. He reflects that most families are dysfunctional in their own aspects, and some children successfully shed unwanted memories of the past and grow into productive adulthood. However, he was not strong enough for that. Instead, he recreated the same dysfunction and became a hollow version of the wonderful person he was within.

The freedom he had, at age 4, to explore his surroundings while his mother watched soaps at home came with hazards in the form of bullies. Without parental mediation or attention, bullying scarred him more than he thought possible.

Bullying and his dysfunctional family life affected his self-confidence, his performance in school, and his ability to find a decent job later on in life. His downward spiral worsened when he got into alcohol addiction. He was deep in debt and he sunk into an all-time low.

When he gathered enough courage to get himself evaluated, he was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. While this information allowed him to understand himself and his tendencies, it did not miraculously end his suffering. His saving grace came much later, after a false emergency alarm.

His turning point was a coworker named Emily. She became his catalyst for change, his spark, his “what the hell are you doing in life?” and, finally, his wife. Their relationship was not without difficulties in the beginning, not all sunshine and rainbows, but they have grown into it, supporting each other to become better versions of themselves.

At twenty-four years old, Lux enrolled in a therapy program to untangle the mess he had created and to deal with his two disorders. More importantly, he started feeding himself positivity. He realized that anyone can be dark in the absence of light. His bulb needed to be replaced. An article he came across with became the replacement he desperately needed, and slowly, with the help of Emily, he inched his way into prayer, an alien concept up to that point. His bulb shone even brighter when he found his faith and when he learned to harness the law of attraction.

According to Lux, the law of attraction is based on quite a few aspects of human interaction. Whether you are speaking to yourself or another person, it is always in effect. Spiraling into Control was crafted to help anyone looking for a way out— from their uncertainties and sufferings through effective techniques Lux gleaned from his studies and his own experience. He hopes Spiraling into Control will help anyone in the dark to recover their light and suffer no more.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This is a great book for anyone who feels lost, or like no one understands their battle. I like that Michael not only talks about his problems but gives you ideas and places to find tools that could help you."

—Rebecca, Amazon Reader's Review, Verified Purchase

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Spiraling into Control by Michael Lux

ISBN 978-1982229627

98 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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Michael Lux is a determined person in pursuit to make a difference. He has gone through many life experiences, leading him to where he is now. Michael has no intentions of stopping though, on the move, always on an adventure. He shares his passion for adventure and self-discovery with those around him. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

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