Book Talk: The Secret Beach: The Intellect of Love by Adriano Zamboni

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A good combination of dramatic scenes, sensuality, and the psychology of human behavior. It feels true-to-life.

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Reality and imagination exist to the extent we allow them to exist.

The Protagonist checks every accountant stereotype and then some. He is a melancholic individual who spends his day crunching at graphs, calculations, and reports. He makes willingly not too much an effort at friendship at his office, even with his bosses, but it features incredible precision and punctuality.

Lucio spends his weeknights lounging at his apartment. Occasionally, he reads a book with a glass of good wine on the side, sometimes he surfs from one TV program to another, and still, at times it happens to him to enjoy the view of a young girl across the window of his apartment. With her curtains drawn up, the girl shows herself semi- naked, for Lucio’s astonished pleasure. Lucio being shy does not have the courage to contact the girl.

One day Lucio discovers a secluded beach on Lake Garda where he lives incredible adventures that he himself will doubt to be true years later.

He spends his time in a secluded beach hidden along the Lake Garda shore where all his fantasies come to life. Here, Lucio finally encounters his true love—Valentina, a beautiful Nordic girl with a sweet smile, a supple body, and long blonde hair. He falls in love with her, but is there a foreseeable future for them?

Author Adriano Zamboni explores the fragile equilibrium between imagination and reality in his novel The Secret Beach. The acclaims received by the original Italian version prompted the author to release an English version. Zamboni passionately explores the connection between what is real and what is not. Love—real or not—exists as far as we allow it to exist.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" “The secret beach” (The intellect of love) 2017

Lucio De Bianchis is a “bachelor without economical problems” that lives an ordinary and repetitive existence in the Milan Metropolis; he is a precise man, meticulous in his work, a bit polemic, but feeling distant from the nowadays world that often he considers deeply unjust, hypocrite, absurd and to be changed. He loves classical readings and he found himself often involved in cursory and often platonic (but always short) love affairs. Overloaded by restless administrative activities, arid and somehow boring, he is used to spend his free time in his “place”, one secluded and quiet beach he discovered, hided along the Garda Lake shore, that is endowed with the mystery and the wild force of a flourishing nowadays Arcadia. Here Lucio allows his mind and body to fluctuate free, sometime also falling in strange dreams populated by nymphs and Gods. Besides the Protagonist is feeling encouraged by a place where there is no shame or inhibitions.

This the key of the puzzle (Arianna’s thread) of the brief but intense Romance written by Zamboni, one half biography of an ordinary city man, and one half evasion book, permeated by the romanticisms of a short but intense love story: that of Lucio with Valentina, the very beautiful Nordic girl met on “the secret beach”.

The Author highlights for Valentina a somehow glacial image, perhaps not very reassuring, but in the same time, and by contrast, deeply attracting and intriguing:

"…her face always with a sweet smile, to times a little gloomy, as in a little girl, the young and supple body, secure, uninhibited, and the long blonde hair…."

Is for this Woman-Angel (…endowed with Intellect of Love…) that Lucio will lose himself, notwithstanding he understands there is only a faint illusion that they can have a future together.

"…Their relation was very nice, even poetic, but without a foreseeable future, as suspended in time... "

Featuring a fragile (but consummate) equilibrium between Imagination and reality, the short Romance narrated by the Author reaches perhaps its zenith with the magical and special relationship between the Protagonist and his enchanted place, about which we can highlight the gentle and beautiful landscape descriptions:

"…and all the times he was seeing it, he was willing to convince himself that the location must have been a magical, witched place, exerting some kind of magnetic attraction on him; perhaps in the bowels of that mountain some strange magnetic stone could exist.. "

"..The car was now entering a sweet country side, almost uncontaminated, featuring almost unreal colors, as in a living impressionist painting…"

The place on the lake represents therefore a particular refuge, capable of creating unconventional mysterious encounters and weird sensations, that Lucio, after years, will try to rediscover again, as a mature man, only to understand, with dismay, that nothing or nearly nothing is immune from the elapsing of time and the relentless urban transformation. Also this magical place, that was the exquisite refuge for the curing of one’s Ego, a total shield to keep away the trivial aspects of living, can lose its vitality, its spell, and become something of which only the remembering will remain."

….He had “lived” there and now all was changed, was over, finished…"

—Deborah Benigni review of La Spiaggia Segreta ( The Secret Beach )

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The Secret Beach: The Intellect of Love by Adriano Zamboni

ISBN 978-1546284406

70 Pages

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Doctor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bologna, Dr. Adriano Zamboni has been working in many places around the world.

Nonetheless, Dr. Zamboni likes to read Literature books and History books, and he loves to write to himself, perhaps as a form of constant communication with readers.

" I am Italian, and I was born in North-East, Italy, but I can consider myself European and citizen of the world. I have visited many places doing my job (or during Holidays): to name some: South Africa, UK, USA, Kazakhstan, Iran, Libya, Germany, the Netherlands, China. Of course, working overseas for so many years have left something, a bridge to different countries and a sympathy to all people in the world, in addition to Italy. "

The author is married to Enrica, and is a father to a beautiful 18-year-old daughter.

" I would like all the people living in the countries, as mentioned earlier, could read, understand, and appreciate my book! According to Critics, The secret beach is "different," looks simple but is complex, and it describes hermetic experiences; I think it is more addressed to a girl or young woman, although readable by all; Should any girl or young lady wish to be endowed with "intellect of love" should they read and understand The Secret Beach."

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