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Gary hoped the northern coast of Australia would put the excitement back to his marriage. Amanda resented him for excluding her in his decision to leave the army, a decision that would profoundly affect their lives. He knew, though that leaving the army was the right decision. If only Amanda would lighten up so he could enjoy his first real vacation in eight years.

On their second day, Amanda was not thrilled to go on a boat trip with Gary, but she did promise him that she will try her best to make their marriage work, so notwithstanding the heat, she decided to settle down and enjoy the blue expanse of the Timor Strait with six other passengers on the chartered boat, Jenny’s Heart.

Unbeknownst to the group, a massive storm headed toward Java was picking up speed and was now heading their way. The rescue station attempted to reach Jenny’s Heart, but they didn’t get the warning until the storm was almost upon them. With absolutely no chance of making it back to safety, the charter captain, Walker, tried for one of the small chain of islands out from Timor, but they got caught on a small portion of a reef—their miracle just at the nick of time.

The morning after, they realized they were about three hundred yards from the beach. The boat was stuck on the reef, and they had no radio to call for help. Furthermore, they realized that they were not alone on the reef.

In 1943, the American navy sunk a convoy from Germany on its way to Japan. The vessel was carrying an experimental nerve agent. The government tried to pull all the stops to keep the story away from the people. A leak from the sunken vessel caused genetic anomaly in the waters, causing mutations of animals in its habitat— the humongous Komodo dragon now in searched for its next prey. Gary, Amanda, and the rest of charter passengers might happen to be just that—victims of an unfortunate encounter with a real komodo.

Author Paul Holbert’s Danger Down Under is a real gem of a thriller. The plots are fast-paced, and while Gary and Amanda are the central characters, they do not monopolize the story. Instead, other characters add more interests to an already-riveting storyline. These characters are relatable in their fear and their pursuit of survival. Danger Down Under is your next suspense fiction bestseller.

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" Wonderfully executed. "

—Isabella Nayberg, The BookWalker

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Danger Down Under Paul Holbert

ISBN 978-1796020496

294 Pages

Review by Amy Alcott

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From the author;

I didn't start out with any grand design to become a writer but backed into it after attending graduate school halfway through my military career. Several of my professors told me I had a knack for the literary, so I decided to try it. Having been an avid reader, I already knew that I wanted to write fiction. Not the Hollywood type of fiction, but fiction that carried a realistic storyline where readers could identify with the events and characters and be educated as well as entertained.

I penned my first book, Danger Down Under, an adventure fiction set in Australia, while still in the military but it wasn't until I retired a few years later that I began to see writing as not only a creative outlet but also a therapeutic treatment for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that followed me in my post-military life.This led to my current book, Term Limits, a political crime thriller fit for today's times as a disenfranchised man seeks revenge for perceived injustices to his family at the hands of indifferent politicians and decides to remove them from office in his own way while the FBI is on his trail. I use my stories as a way to release my imagination and treat the unpleasant memories from my military service in a constructive, creative way.It takes me about six months to research material and write my books, but the stories are a combination of my own knowledge and experiences combined with factual information related to the story.

I plan to continue writing and am currently working on a sequel to Term Limits as well as teaming up with my own personal literary critic named "Sarge," a ventriloquist dummy, at some of my future events.