Book-In-Focus: The Intuitive in You by Christopher Alexander Burford

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A powerful book to help awaken the powerful YOU!

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We are energy. Author Christopher Alexander Burford reiterates a concept mostly believed in science as he opens The Intuitive in You: How to Control Your Energy Field, Heal with Energy, Work with Angels, and Many More, a New Age book that aims to give readers practical knowledge and understanding about themselves. We are, after all, more than our physical bodies.

Burford, an intuitive, teaches energy awareness in small-group workshops. His book is designed around his lectures, so beginners may easily grasp his concepts and follow his steps. Most of these concepts may seem intimidating and complex, like astral projection, remote viewing, and communing with angels, but Burford has an exceptional talent of explaining the metaphysical without overwhelming lay ears. As a result, anyone may use the book to learn concepts and to experiment, and energy awareness can help everyone.

Some may succeed in these experiments faster than others. Burford emphasizes that every person is equipped with the sixth sense that enables him to access the metaphysical universe. Babies, for examples, are believed to see angels and to interact with them. They can also sense energies in their surroundings. They lose this faculty as they become more engrossed with the physical world. It’s safe to say then that we’ve all lost this connection to the metaphysical world; the noise and chaos of our day-to-day grind have drowned out this connection. Hence, the need to reclaim this divine right, our spiritual gift, to take charge of our lives to the fullest.

This spiritual gift has the power to protect, cleanse, and heal. Burford shares his own experiences to illustrate concepts. In Yukon, for example, he and his fellow instructors were attacked by a group of blood-thirsty natives. Tapping into his energy shield, Burford was the only one who escaped unscathed and was probably the reason why the natives did not attack the village anymore.

In another incident, Burford discovered that negative energies in a room gave a baby sleepless nights. The room was cleansed, and Burford encouraged the parents—the homeowners—to pray over the room regularly. The baby slept soundly since then.

Sure enough, some topics are not for novices, like levitating and space travel through astral projection. These topics require a higher level of self-control and self-awareness. Burford strongly suggests baby steps. Learning takes time, but the whole process is more than worth it!

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" A powerful book to help awaken the powerful YOU!"

—A Alcott, The BookWalker

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The Intuitive in You: How to Control Your Energy Field, Heal with Energy, Work with Angels, and Many More by Christopher Alexander Burford

ISBN 978-1532031946

160 Pages

Reviewed by Issa Nayberg

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Christopher Alexander Burford is a healer, intuitive, and psychic warrior who was first led to a path as an intuitive during his childhood. He helps others in a variety of ways that include energy awareness workshops, intuitive readings and scans, and energy healing sessions. Christopher currently resides in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

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